Welcome back, Charlatans, to another week of Mirror Of The Witch. These episodes were full of excitement as the Evil Mistress is up to her antics again, our  Joon once again drinks an elixir that makes him see ghosts, and we finally learn the identity of the Red Robe. Join Firnlambe, Tiara, and I as we discuss these topics and much more in this week's recap of Mirror Of The Witch!


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Tiara: This drama gets better and better with each new episode. It’s hard to image we’re already halfway through the drama.

Firnlambe: //tries really hard to stop fangirling . . . . . . . . fails miserably//, there is too much awesome that happens simply in setting up next week! My Fangirl heart simply can’t handle it.

DeShonda: I agree ladies. I am really enjoying this series a lot more than I thought I would. Let’s jump right in and talk about Heo Joon. He once again drank an elixir that made him see ghosts. I was very worried when he drank the elixir. Just as I mentioned last week….drinking this could either go very good for him, or it could be bad. It looks like it was a bit of both for our Heo Joon this week.

Tiara: I don’t think Joon is ever going to learn not to drink the elixirs. It was the symbol on his neck that gave a clue that this time was different. It made sense as the elixir was to see dead people. He needed to have that chat with his mom and get the closure.

Firnlambe: I’m fairly certain there is a subconscious command code that was implanted in Joon that makes him lose all reasoning and drink whatever Yeon Hee makes . . . no matter the cost. I adore that he was able to gain closure from this--but I also adore that the Gisaeng ghosts totally ganged up on him and just hovered over Yeon Hee. Seriously, died of laughter.

DeShonda: Joon really needed to get that closure from his mother and I was very thankful for that touching scene they had together. But before that scene, the confrontation with Ok was intense. I seriously thought Joon was going to kill or at least hurt him. I could feel the tension as I was watching that scene. But Yeon Hee came in just in the knick of time to stop him. Firnlambe, the Gisang ghosts were awesome! I was cracking up laughing as he was seeing them as well.

Tiara: Bwahaha, those ghost were a hoot. The little boy spinning his head, Joon trying to talk to one of the gisaeng, and all of the gisaengs ganging up on him behind Yeon Hee had me rolling. I’m glad Joon didn’t get his revenge on his brother by harming or killing him. Ok being dead would make me a happy viewer, but he’s already dug his grave when he made his brother dead. He got his police job because of Joon’s help. Now that his brother is considered a traitor and dead, Ok just doesn’t have the brains to keep his nice job no matter how much help he gets from mommy dearest.

DeShonda: You are so very right Tiara. Ok is very dependent on his mother. He’s like a big baby who needs to grow up. Speaking of Mommy Dearest, she knows about King Seonjo’s sickness now and she is making some big moves by reinstating Hyun Seo. Which made Hong Joo not happy at all.

Firnlambe: You know, I don’t think you two are talking about the same Mother Dearests… (D: Oops, Sorry :/) regardless Queen Dowager is totally making moves that I wasn’t expecting her to have the guts to do. She tries to correct her wrong by shunning Hong Joo as well as the Hyun Seo move, but then she had to go and be all “oh woe is me!!! I can’t go against you while you have the DEAD crown prince”// sigh// she frustrates me.

Tiara: I was super happy to see the Queen Dowager wanting to right the wrong she and the old Dowager made. She join the side of the Jedi and let Hyun Seo back into the Jedi Temple. I applauded her quick thinking by removing Hong Joo’s stormtroopers. I’m right there with you Firnlambe, however that is the Queen Dowager’s weakness. I can’t blame Hong Joo for using it as it’s a smart move. Yet, Hong Joo is holding onto that jar like it’s a brand new iphone without a case. I do believe we found her weakness.

DeShonda: Tiara, those Star Wars references are awesome! Oh wow…..that jar is getting really annoying to me.

Firnlambe: Tangent . . . . I love your Star Wars references. But yes that damn jar is going to drive me batty.

Tiara: Thanks ^-^ I don’t see her giving up that jar anytime soon. If Hong Joo can’t get it out of her hands, she’s going to die holding the darn thing. Speaking of Hong Joo, yay he’s back, but really does he have to be zombie Mountain minus the hiding his head part and decaying body yet.

Firnlambe: Dear Lord his rotting body…..I was not expecting that to be perfectly honest. I just hope he is able to hold off the pain long enough to see the curse broken.-------wait I just had a thought. You know how only a sacrifice of true love will break the curse. What if in a twist of fate Hyun Seo is the one who breaks the curse in the end. I really do think he has grown to love her as a biological father would.

Tiara: Haha! I think great minds think alike Firnlambe. I had a similar thought about the True Love isn’t limited to romantic too. The drama could go all Harry Potter on us and have Queen Mother finally do one good thing for her daughter. It could be Yo Gwang who’s been her protector, family, and friend for the last five years. It’s clear Poong Yeon is out of this running unless he’s able to overcome his horror of Yeon Hee in her white witch form.

DeShonda: I really like your theory on this Firnlambe as it makes sense to me. Tiara, you have a good point as well and I love that you mentioned Harry Potter because I was thinking this could go that route as well.

Firnlambe: Ooooo good call on the Queen Mother theory. I like it! Speaking of theories . . . we all totally failed on the Red Gentleman. I did NOT expect her to be our baddie.

Tiara: Grrr … I knew I didn’t trust Sol Gae. I was waiting to accept she was just a bodyguard to Poong Yeon, but she’s been playing him for years. That must be a lot of conflict going on inside her. She clearly has romantic feelings for him, but typical KDrama fashion he’s too focus on main female lead to see her.

DeShonda: I was surprised and shocked of Sol Gae’s reveal. I was not expecting that at all. I just thought she was working with Poong Yeon as well and I was surprised she would betray him. I can tell that she has feelings for him as well. There is something more to her story that I hope we will learn soon.

Firnlambe: Right?! Who know’s maybe she’ll come around at the last minute when Poong Yeon’s life is in danger and it forces her to forsake Hong Joo, but I doubt it.

Tiara: I think it depends on how much her love is true. But speaking of another conflict of interest, King Sunjo has asked Poong Yeon to forsake his father and bring him the cursed Princess. Anyone want to place any bets on him not following these orders?

DeShonda: I don’t think that is going to happen at all. I just don’t believe Poong Yeon would do that. I just hope he does not get hurt in the long run.

Firnlambe: Oh he for sure is going to ignore that order. Though I was saddened he shied away from her when he found out about the curse.

Tiara: It’s sad the curse is forcing him to see evil. I get it’s black magic being used and he’s seeing the magic at it’s true form. I have sympathy for Joong Yeon, but this drama is much like a fairy tale. In fairy tales, love can conquer all. If he’s feelings were true, he would be able to overcome the magic. Instead, he’s living in a non-ending nightmare.

Will Poong Yeon betray his father? Now that Sol Gae is revealed to be the Red Robe how will this affect her relationship with Poon Yeon? What elixir would you like to see Joon drink next? Let us know in the comment sections down below what you think will happen to our characters and we will see you next week.


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