We have our first teaser for Yoon Si Yoon's comeback fantasy sageuk drama Mirror of the Witch! In the stunning and otherworldly new teaser, we catch a glimpse of the fairytale-like nature of his upcoming historical drama with Kim Sae Ron

Mirror of the Witch reimagines the life of famed Joseon doctor Heo Jun (Yoon Si Yoon) with a fantastical twist. In this version, he is a brilliant and ambitious man struggling to overcome his poor background. He does his best to help the people around him until one day he discovers cursed princess Seo Ri (Kim Sae Ron). 

Princess Seo Ri (Kim Sae Ron) is the daughter of royalty who is abandoned after being cursed to become a witch. 

When her mother, the queen (played by Jang Hee Jin), is unable to have children, she makes a deal with a wicked shaman (Yum Jung Ah) and conceives twins, a boy and a girl. The daughter is cursed to have a frozen witch's heart, and her family abandons her, keeping her existence secret. She turns from a young princess into a white-haired witch — until she has a run-in with Heo Jun.


Kwak Si Yang, who you may remember as the handsome Cordon in Oh My Ghostess, will play second lead Poong Yeon.

Mirror of the Witch will premiere on DramaFever after the conclusion of Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi. Add the series to your queue below!


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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