Fighting for Justice is never easy, especially when the harder you fight the more you can lose. Join Cici. Tanya and myself as we learn more about Oh Reum’s desire to right all the wrongs she encounters.

Janet: All the way through these episodes my heartstrings were getting tugged. I wanted so much for Oh Reum to be able to give the judgements she so desired. Morally they were right, but legally she couldn’t dole out justice as she wished. It was so hard to watch!

Cici: Between the case of the secretary fired for reporting sexual harassment and the corrupt senior judge who got off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, it was so frustrating! I really hated to see how discouraged she was, but I could almost understand how she was tempted to give up being a judge and turn to vigilante justice and revenge. I’m so relieved that Ba Reun talked her down from that ledge!

Tanya: Yes! The struggle was definitely real this week, but still full of so much growth. I almost thought that Oh Reum would actually quit but I am happy that she was able to receive encouragement from Ba Ruen and others around her.

Janet: Absolutely! I know that only one story was told during the episode, but when you think how many different cases a judge hears on a daily basis it is a miracle more judges don’t become disheartened and look for other ways to equalize the system. Thank goodness the good ones persevere! I love the Korean system of multiple judges trying the cases.

Cici: That is a major difference between Korea and the US. And I am really loving the team’s senior judge, Judge Han. He is alternately gruff and tender, and the perfect father figure. So wise when he counsels Oh Reum to “not sweat the small stuff.” But my favorite character these two episodes was definitely Ba Reun. I love the way he sticks by Oh Reum, no matter what crazy scheme she comes up with to get to the bottom of a case.

Tanya: There are times where you can tell that Judge Han is upset with Oh Reum because he has to be although he may personally agree with her. They end up striking a good balance with Ba Reun between them, whether he acts as a buffer or just offers a different view. I definitely appreciate the guidance that Judge Han seems to be giving to both of them.

Janet: The “road trip” they took as she tries to find ways to stop the glue huffing among the younger kids was alternately hysterically funny to heartfelt earnestness to honorable judge. She found the problem and then joined forces to try to find a solution. And, as we have seen all along, never a conventional approach.

Cici: When she dressed Ba Reun up in a banner and sent him to shame the store owners into halting their sale of glue to minors, I almost died. Especially when he walked in on that cantankerous woman and his mere appearance was enough to stop her in her tracks. Yeah, I think he could probably convince anyone to change their ways!

Tanya: It’s very unusual for me to actually laugh out loud at TV, but the “Angel Ba Reun” was beyond hilarious as he’s backlit and speaking softly. Utter perfection with the reaction of the shop owner as well.

Janet: I know if he flashed that dimpled grin at me, I’d change into whatever he wanted! Ahhhhh, to be about 40 years younger! Or even 50 years! He was so good at making the three little girls come out of their shells, laughing and giggling away. And, not to mention the Karaoke! Wow. Just W.O.W.!

Cici: I think that’s when Oh Reum really fell for him. I mean, who wouldn’t love a guy who’s handsome, talented, handsome, smart, handsome, kind to children, handsome…But I was really impressed with the performance of Kim Wook, who played Ga Woon. Oh. My. Gosh. His backstory was completely heartbreaking. And the fact that he was not just stealing so that he could buy glue, but so that he could provide some joy for the little girls just made me sob. But the most powerful scene was when Oh Reum found him in the same arcade he’d been abandoned in as a child, and he mistook her for his mom. Wahhhhh!

Janet: Sorry, I had to wipe the tears from my eyes. Seriously, there is so much talent in this series - each and every actor/actress has had their moment to shine! At the end of each episode I just sit and wait, hoping there will be more. I haven’t ever been so anxious for the next installment as I have with this show. I know that all the ills in the world can’t be cured as easily or quickly as portrayed here, but I sure do wish it were so. When the kids get the chance to take a plane ride to sing with other kids, the change in all of them is remarkable. Amazing what hope and a chance to change can do!

Tanya: It was a very powerful character, but there was an undeniable subtlety as the Ga Woon didn’t speak much, if at all. There definitely was some acting skill there because you felt for him when so many other actors could have given a very flat performance.

Cici: The balance between heartrending drama and comic relief is really well done. When Ga Woon stood up in the karaoke room and sang, my teeth just about hit the floor. The glue huffing may have lowered his IQ, but it certainly didn’t impair his voice. I was smiling and weeping at the same time. But there were some genuinely funny moments in these episodes as well. The way poor Bo Wang tried so desperately to keep his date with Do Yeon was comical, and then he blew it by assuming he knew more about her past than he actually did. At least she forgave him eventually, and let him know who the mystery man in the photo on her desk was. There’s hope for that couple after all.

Janet: I do get some good vibes when I see them together. Hopefully we will get a “twofer” - 2 happy couples by the end of this series! But I did enjoy when the Woman Senior asked Oh Reum to tea and we were treated to more of Oh Reum’s personal history. She has come so far, but still has to put her own demons behind her as she strives to be an ever better judge. There is no doubt that she will succeed, but I’m sure her journey will be filled with many twists and turns.

Tanya: The interaction between Oh Reum and the Senior Judge really made me happy because a few episodes ago we learned that people think she’s a stiff (referring to when Bo Wang told Oh Reum not to bother giving the Senior Judge one of her leaflets because she’s “by the book”). The Senior Judge surprised me in taking the leaflet then, but also with opening up during this episode. It was the reassurance that Oh Reum needed. Like, “Hey, I was like you. You can do this”

Cici: I have great hope for her, both as a judge and as a partner for Ba Reun. Speaking of which, maybe that French couple was right?

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