Holding on to your idealism and compassion is tough in any line of work, but when you’re a young judge coming up against power and injustice, it’s especially difficult. As Oh Reum comes under fire for an unpopular judgement, she must decide if she has the strength to continue. Join Janet, Tanya, and me, Cici, as we discuss the final three episodes of Miss Hammurabi.

Janet: I want this show to go on forever! When Oh Reum was doubting herself I nearly cried for her. But as everyone stepped up to show her what she had accomplished, I was her biggest cheerleader! Every case that the judges tried had roots in their personal lives which made every decision so hard for them to make. But, they always made the right decision for all the right reasons.

Cici: It was so hard seeing her seriously considering resigning. I could understand that she not only wanted to take responsibility for the turmoil within the court system, but she also felt exhausted by having to constantly fight the system in order to do the right thing and come to truly just decisions. She invested so much of herself into her job, and for a while it seemed like she had nothing left to give. It was amazing how Ba Reun knew exactly what to do to bring her back. That date was tailored perfectly for her. Only he could have made her laugh, while seeing how valuable she was. And when he told her that he would follow her, no matter where she went, I melted.

Tanya: I felt slightly disappointed when she was considering resigning. After all of her hard work, it was a sad moment to think she was willing to give it all up. I was debating whether or not I needed to be mad at the writers…. Thankfully Ba Reun was there to save the day! I’m glad he, along with the help of the other important people in Oh Reum’s life, were able to convince her to carry on.

Janet: When everyone showed up at the end of the date, it was amazing. And then her “Grandmother” arrived with her Mom - that definitely had me wiping a tear (or two) away.

Janet: But the best thing overall was “THE KISS” Not the steamy one we were all hoping for, but the sweetest kiss ever. A solid foundation, something to build on. I want there to be a Part 2, showing everyone about 5 years from now. Full of happy endings!

Cici: I had a similar reaction to that kiss, but I have to admit that I found it slightly hilarious that for once it wasn’t the female caught wide-eyed by surprise! However, I kind of hate that the drama ended where it did. An epilogue, at least, showing happy beginnings would have been nice. With Judge Han deciding to retire and turn the reins over to the younger generation, it does seem like a sequel could be in the making.

Tanya: I kind of felt like the entire show had a pretty abrupt ending for how much effort they put forth to build these characters in the first thirteen episodes! I mean, I’m glad the kiss finally happened but when Oh Reum suddenly kissed Ba Reun it was a bit out-of-the-blue as everything prior had been such a slow build up. I think this should have been billed as a 26 episode instead. Hopefully we are given a sequel!

Cici: And with Oh Reum finally getting over her aversion to having a close personal relationship with any man, it seems like the Oh Reum/Ba Reun couple could become a real thing.

Janet: I really hope so, too. In my mind I have the two of them married, a couple of babies, Judge Han an adopted Grandfather, surrounded by friends, and still trying to save the world, one case at a time. I can’t see Oh Reum ever losing her passion, with Ba Reun at her side, “saving” her in whatever way he needs to. Just as his mother was always saving his dad, while he was saving the world.

Tanya: There definitely needs to be more!

Cici: Such a nice non-ending that would be. Maybe that’s why that clever writer ended where they did, so that we could imagine the perfect ending ourselves. But in the meantime, let’s talk about some of our favorite takeaways. I absolutely loved the way they mentioned that sometimes a little seed gets planted and grows into something big. For example, wasn’t it great how the sexual harassment victim actually did go on to become a reporter, and write an article that was able to turn the tide of public opinion to Oh Reum’s favor?

Janet: Not only turn the tide, but she also revealed the reason the rape victim changed her testimony. The victim was still wrong, but it was with the best of intentions. As Ba Reun found out when he asked for help when he took his mother to the hospital, everyone compromises when it comes to a loved one in distress..

Tanya: The reporter really did have a mass impact from the rape trial to the protesters. I’m glad she returned as an angel of sorts.

Cici: It was her series of interviews that showed the real effect that Oh Reum was having as a judge, and that that despicable Judge Sung was the actual culprit. I have to admit, I may have done a little fist-pumping when the head judge dismissed the disciplinary hearing for Oh Reum, and informed Judge Sung that he was the one who would be going in for review. Do Yeon hit the nail on the head when she told Oh Reum that she had the power to change people.

Tanya: I have been waiting for Judge Sung to get his comeuppance! He has always rubbed me the wrong way and it was a shining moment for the show. I really loved the way that Do Yeon was always the level-head and, once again, the writers used her to make a big point to the world. You might just be only person, but you impact everyone you encounter in some way or another. Oh Reum is powerful in that her impact is lasting.

Janet: And speaking of Do Yeon, I was so glad that her character came out of her shell and found romance. Before she was in the background, helping everyone in the courthouse, but was soon front and center! Due to her influence, she also made Bo Wang become more of a man, making choices and standing up for himself as well as his friends.

Cici: I love how she made him see the importance of true friendship! Throughout the entire drama I kept wondering why Do Yeon, a relatively minor character, was my favorite. I have to laugh now...that sneaky writer! Making us all fall in love with the character who ended up writing the script for the drama. A very clever ending to a captivating drama!

Well, that’s a wrap! What were your favorite moments in Miss Hammurabi? Are you hoping for a sequel as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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