Every once in a while a drama comes along that jumps out of its assigned genre. Miss Hammurabi, while ostensibly a legal drama, is turning out to be a heartwarming human drama where members of the legal system learn balance between compassion and justice. Join Tanya, Janet and me, Cici, as we take a deeper look into the first two episodes.

Cici: I have to admit, legal dramas aren’t usually my thing. But I’m going to have to make an exception for this one. Why? Well, I’m already in love with the cast. I LOVE a strong, spunky female lead. And Grandma--she’s one of my favorite actresses ever.

Tanya: It’s only two episodes in, but the cast has made it worth it! I love the dynamic mix of characters we seem to get getting so far, and that doesn’t even include the plaintiffs/defendants! Our lead actors have exceeded themselves…. Three of my favorites who have successfully reeled me in.

Janet: I totally agree. It is so much fun watching, I got caught up in the story and was sorry when the episodes ended. I see lots of fireworks coming up in the future!

Cici: I’ve been waiting forever for L to get a lead role. I’m always a little hesitant when an idol makes the switch to acting, but I think he’s doing very well. And the eye candy factor certainly doesn’t hurt. I also love how the characters are portrayed with flaws right from the get-go, so there’s room for development.

Tanya: We’ve already seen a great scope with these characters. The main three clash, but also have their sweet moments. Occasionally both Ba Reun and Oh Reum are annoying, but also extremely naive. There are so many ways they can take these characters. Even Judge Han goes from aggressive to docile in the cutest way possible (seriously, when he’s talking to his wife).

Janet: While all the characters are flawed, making them more human, I just love Oh Reum’s quirkiness - the way she resolved issues had me laughing out loud! Judge Han’s embarrassment at getting pulled in is even more outrageous! The way she showed up for work in the mini skirt and Ba Reun was trying to shield her from everyone with his briefcase, was classic! And when she reduced Judge Han to sputters with her niqab it was hysterical. But funny as that was, it was icing on the cake when the stenographer walked by with her smile of approval.

Cici: So there were a couple of times when I did actually laugh out loud. When Oh Reum came to work in totally non-standard business attire, and then pulled out her beautiful niqab in response to Judge Han’s criticism, I about died. But she was so cute about it, he couldn’t stay ruffled for long. The other time I cheered was when she caught the pervert on the subway and made him very sorry for his actions. Yes, she is definitely my kind of woman.

Tanya: My favorite moments of this week’s episodes were when Ba Reun pretends to be so aloof, but we find out he is constantly paying attention to everything Oh Reum does. He even buys her cheesecake and works extra overtime for her. The fact that she eventually notices what he’s doing without be totally oblivious also makes me happy. I feel the effort some characters put in often go unnoticed in K-dramas until it’s too late!

Cici: I am also loving the side characters. I was so happy to see Ryoo Duk Hwan back after his military service. I loved him in Faith, and it looks like he will be bringing an element of witty humor to his role as Judge Jung. I also look forward to seeing more of Elijah Lee as the super-efficient secretary, Lee Do Yeon. It’s no secret that Korean workers put in long hours, but the other office workers are bringing real life to that dilemma. And when Oh Reum finally realizes that her idealistic demands are making life even harder for the people who work at her company, she immediately takes action to make their lives easier. It’s awesome how she is able to see the needs of others and respond in a way that lets them know that she is on their side.

Tanya: I agree. There was a moment when I was upset with Oh Reum because while I understand she wants to be a Crusader, she was doing it blindly and demanding too much of the support staff around them. Particularly for someone so new to the office. Thankfully, once she was made aware of the effect she was having on those workers, she did take immediate action, even going above and beyond to correct it. She even managed to get Ba Reun involved so we got to see his sweet reaction to the court clerk’s son.

Janet: Not only his reaction to the court clerk’s son, but the entire Foot Volleyball team - he was able to cheer on the team, and seemed to enjoy himself in doing so. Somehow, I don’t think he has found a lot to be joyful about in his life, especially in the company of other people - as a child, a student or an adult. Oh Ruem can teach him a lot about life and being more “human”.

Cici: I love her crusading spirit, and I also love how she is able to admit when she’s made a mistake. She is changing the court and the way it works one case at a time, and she’s also changing the way her more experienced colleagues approach their cases. She’s teaching them how to really listen, and learn the entire story before making a judgement. What’s amazing is how the problems people face can often be resolved if someone just listens to them. That case of the woman’s disabled son whose face got burned in the restaurant had me in tears as each member of the case explained their point of view.

Janet: You weren’t the only misty-eyed person watching, Cici! I especially loved the flashback that Judge Han had about receiving his robe from his Mentor - giving us all some insight to the man/judge he had become. And yet, as gruff as he can be, he had no problem letting Oh Reum know she had done a good job, and though he didn’t exactly say it, I felt he was proud of her.

Tanya: I agree that listening does help, but at the same time I understand why Judge Han tries to be very strict. We’ve already seen people take advantage of the fact that Oh Reum is willing to listen to them. I hope we get to see her find a great balance to dealing with everything in that respect. I don’t want to watch her get burned too many times, nor do I want her to lose her spirit and become a pushover.

Cici: That’s the important thing each character has to find--the balance in keeping the law without losing their compassion or becoming cynical. I think they’re off to a great start!

Tanya: I am definitely looking forward to more!

Be sure to join us next week for the next two episodes of this heartwarming drama!

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Miss Hammurabi

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