For a show about judges, this drama is anything but dull and boring. As our characters fight, play, and learn from each other, they all continue to grow. So join us as we watch Oh Reum become a little more judge-like and Ba Ruem learn to “loosen up” and not take life so seriously in episodes three and four of Miss Hammurabi. . .

Cici: I already love this drama. It is the perfect combination of serious situations and hilarious moments.

Tanya: We are definitely feeling the MeToo movement hitting Korea, but I embrace this. Both episodes this week dealt with the harsh issues that women can face, but there was still a good mixture of comedy. Oh Reum has this look of “I clearly don’t believe anything you are saying right now” that we seem to be getting a lot of lately. You can FEEL the sarcasm with just that look. It’s perfect.

Janet: I love that she is an intelligent woman with a great sense of humor. She doesn’t have to beat her co-workers to make a point, she just gives them a taste of their own medicine! Although she does get a bit vocal when the situation warrants it! Her trip to the outdoor market had me laughing out loud!

Cici: Those ahjummas gave the perfect lesson in what it feels like to be sexually harassed. They were so on point, from the comments on the guys’ cute butts and tight pants, to the cleaning lady’s gestures when they were in the restroom. And then when she just said, “Fighting!” I almost died. So good. And I loved how Oh Reum made the point that even though they didn’t feel threatened, it was still an uncomfortable situation.

Tanya: It was a good reality check for them to feel the pressure, but I think it also gave the viewers an opportunity to feel that it can happen to anyone regardless of gender. Even in the courtroom they recalled the fourth witness and she eventually states the female manager loves to slap the male new hires on the rear. It’s important to address all sides, so I applaud the writers for that.

Janet: The courtroom scene where the defendant’s wife wanted to bring charges against her husband’s lawyer was icing on the cake. It seemed like every male in the gallery was harassing someone else. And when they showed the Judge Han at home with his family and his daughter talked about the teacher and his comments, I thought the he was going to have a heart attack. Talk about getting hit from all sides!

Cici: I really appreciate how both Judge Han and Ba Reun are supportive of Oh Reum’s desires for justice. It was so touching when Ba Reun acknowledged that Oh Reum must have been having a hard time with the case, considering how she had had a similar experience. I was also impressed that she had the courage to tell him about both her piano teacher and the creeps at the live cafe. I think it helped him realize that sometimes the threat of physical harm is very real, and that the accompanying fears can last a very long time.

Tanya: Agreed. It leads into many scenes in the next episode where Ba Reun has noticed the injustices that a fellow judge is endure because of her senior. I was upset and uncomfortable when he went to make a formal complaint and was basically told he shouldn’t do so because it will make him, meaning, Be Reun, look bad as if that’s a valid excuse. Then threats were made against Oh Reum by that same senior because of her street justice as a way to influence the situation. It all around felt awful.

Janet: Point well taken. I, too, was uncomfortable with that scene, because I know how true it can be. Too many companies say they are all about equality in the workplace, but do everything to keep any infractions away from the public. Judges acting the same way as the defendants they were supposed to be judging? Unbelievable!

Cici: The very real consequences of the crazy work hours people are expected to put in was heartbreaking. When the young female judge was considering suicide, and then miscarried her first baby as a result of exhaustion and stress, I cried. That was exactly why Oh Reum felt she couldn’t just sit by and wait, but had to do something about the senior judge who was exacting such a terrible price for a job. And while I loved that Ba Reun discouraged her actions because he knew that it would have terrible consequences for her, I loved it even more that he figured out a way to support her legally and without risk.

Tanya: While it is clear that this drama is as much about their relationship as well as the legal battles they observe, I enjoy that they seem to make it a point to stick together whenever possible. Did they fight? Absolutely… yelling and all. They still support each other and that’s when we get to feel the most appreciation for the sweeter moments they do have together like when they were in traditional dress at the market or the quiet ways they watch each other to make sure everything is alright.

Janet: Oh Reum is learning to be a good judge without losing her sassiness and the joy she gets from helping people while Ba Reun is learning to take life a little less seriously. While he grumbles that she is too “social”, he goes back to help a woman handing out flyers at the subway station, not realizing how risque they are. And along comes Oh Reum to save the day. Which she does admirably while drumming up business for the sales lady. Moments like that help get past the tragic moments. That and hilarious bathroom scenes. How to put gossipy co-workers in their place without a word of censure? Just add a little slapstick!

Cici: Ah, the bathroom scenes! And then the fist bump as Ba Reun and Bo Rang passed each other in the hall! The bromance is picking up, and I love it.

Cici: But just as I was getting comfortable with the progression of Ba Reun and Oh Reum’s relationship, Min Young Joon enters. The way he makes sure Ba Reun knows how much he and Oh Reum have in common is going to play on all Ba Reun’s insecurities.

Tanya: I’m hoping this turns into a wonderful rivalry, honestly. One of those that you can’t really be mad at because of the way it advances the characters. I think Ba Reun will be forced to face the leftover feelings he has from school earlier than he anticipated. We know he has some major insecurities, but I think his friendship with Bo Rang will keep him from giving up. Bo Rang always has awful advice, but the atmosphere is the best.

Janet: But hidden inside that awful advice is just enough truth and perhaps wisdom, to get Ba Reun thinking about what is really at stake. As different as they all are, they do have a common bond - righting injustices and helping others. I think it will be very interesting to see who they help next.

Which scenes were your favorites? Be sure to add your thoughts in the comments below!

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