At the 2015 Miss Universe China competition that was held recently in Shanghai, 14 beautiful finalists competed for the coveted title by wearing impressive costumes symbolizing uniquely Chinese elements such as pandas and dragons, but the one who became Miss Universe China was a surprise because she tripped and fell during the competition. Take a look at the video.

While competing in the evening gown category, Jessica Xueyun Fang tripped and stumbled, but she stood up immediately and continued the walk with poise and a great smile. Her performance was so impressive that she actually won the Miss Universe China crown.

Here's the video: (Jessica is #14)

Jessica Xue works as a model in Shenzhen and has competed for a year during the competitions leading up to the final pageant. She will represent China at the Miss Universe 2015 competition.

When she was interviewed after winning the competition, Jessica said her coach often told her not to fear any accidents on the stage. The only fear would be if she can't recover from an accident. 

Her coach's lesson turned out to be true. Although Jessica accidentally fell, she kept her composure and poise and charmed the judges. 

Jessica added, "All I could think at the time of the fall was getting back up and finishing my walk. Just like in life, it's not always smooth sailing. Don't give up even when you run into obstacles. Persist in moving forward and you may realize your dream."

If you fall, just get up again! 

Don't you agree it's an important lesson for life too?

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