How does spending time on a tropical island with a group of celebrities sound? Bad! It sounds very bad when you’re talking it’s a deserted island and you know that you’re not all going to make it off that island alive. And that’s just what we’re talking about in Missing Nine. Join us here at the Missing Nine Drama Club as Akua, Amy, and I (Logan) take a little journey to an unnamed island where 9 members of an entertainment agency have crash landed into our hearts.


Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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Akua: Hello, Good morning, Good evening and Wsuuuuuuuuuuuuuup KDramalanders!!!!! Welcome to the 2K17 and it’s about to be lit! In fact we’re starting off with fire - literally - in DramaFever’s newest drama, “Missing Nine” and myself, Amy and Logan are your happy-to-oblige co-passengers!! Huzzah and hello, ladies! What’s going on?

Logan: Life in dramaland is fantastic right now with so many dramas to choose from, but if you’re going to be picky, friends, I can already tell that this is one that you’re going to choose. I can’t peel my eyes away from the screen while watching this drama so far. We’ve got humor, plane crashes, desert islands and….MURDER? I’m sold.

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Amy: I was loving it only ten minutes into the first episode and that rarely happens so I hope that Missing Nine is able to keep up this momentum because for me a lot of dramas have been awesome in the beginning and bad toward the end. Anyway, I had so many questions and theories while watching that I got disappointed when episode two ended and there was no episode three. This is a drama I’d like to binge watch for sure.

Akua: Sooooo, I’m also very excited about the cast! Y’all know that I love me some Jung Kyung Ho! Teeheehee. In general I enjoy when dramas have larger casts with multiple story lines and watching how the writers weave and intersect the character’s lives! So let’s dive in. Amy, what are some of your questions? Or should we start by introducing the characters??

Logan: The characters are so much a mystery that it’s going to be fun to see what we find out about them. I can already tell there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Of course, there’s Ra Bong Hee who everything focuses around. At the end of Episode 2 there’s some suggestion that she may not have memory loss and remembers every single thing that happened on that island. Which is a little irritating, because if she does I want her to go ahead and spill everything already. I want to know what happened! Who lived? Who died? And who is the murderer?


Amy: Aaaaah! I want to know right now too! There is so much behind each character that we don’t know yet! I like the mystery because it makes everything more interesting but I want to know all of the things right now! Seo Joon Oh is interesting to me. At first he seemed like a spoiled celebrity then we saw all of the stuff that happened with the song writer and afterwards. It’s hard to see what his true character is. For example when he was crying at the press conference for Dreamers break up were those real tears or was he putting on a show for attention?

Akua: I couldn’t tell either. It’s obvious that he has deep feelings as we can see when the writer jumped to his death but Seo Joon Oh’s general bad behavior makes it really difficult to sympathize with him - at least up front, but I’m pretty sure that there’s more to all of these characters than meets the eye. I like how Ra Bong Hee is just a strong woman - not just emotionally persevering but physically strong too. She’s a “yes we can” kind of character which is why I think she may be the one who returned. And as an aside, I loved the water scenes with the bubbles and them floating in the water! Gorgeous. Uhm, am I the only one who has noticed that the color brown and its shades are dominant?

Logan: I noticed that too. A lot of the outfits they wear having coordinating shades of tans and browns. It’s interesting. I wonder if there’s a significance. Also, I noticed that in the beginning of the drama there were a few scenes where they primarily showed only the character’s back. I wonder if that had a purpose too. Little thoughts to hold onto for down the line, I guess. I think that Joon Oh is a little spoiled, but genuinely kind-hearted deep down. My thoughts on that could change. It hurt me a little to see how everyone except for Yeol was cold to him. Yeol, by the way- Love him! Of course I know with a 100% that it’s just because he’s played by Chanyeol.


Amy: You know, I wasn’t so sure how Chanyeol would do with his character but he is great so far! Yeol seems like a sweet guy who just wants everyone to be happy so I can’t complain about that. Tae Ho, on the other hand, was just ugh. I get that he thinks Joon Oh caused the songwriter’s death so he has a grudge but at the same time my logical brain says it isn’t Joon Oh’s fault and I don’t understand why he can’t see that. I’m pretty sure Joon Oh has gone through enough without Tae Ho being rude. The CEO completely ignoring Joon Oh was sad too. I guess I like Joon Oh more than I thought. Ha ha!

Akua: First of Amy, it’s hard not to like any character that’s played by Jung Ho but hey, maybe that’s just me. Hehehehe. Now, Tae Ho does seem to be harsher than Yeol and I hope we find out why. Wsup with the girl band and what’s going on between Ji Ah and Ki Joon? What were those pills? What kind of relationship did they have? *squints eyes* This bears watching ladies!

Logan: Yeol just seems like a very easy-going, forgiving person and you always have to love that in a character. I’ve been impressed with Choi Tae Joon, who plays Tae Ho, in his past roles so even though he’s a bit of a...let’s say... “jerk”, I’m excited to see more of his character too because a Kdrama wouldn’t be a Kdrama without the drama. Speaking of which, it’s kind of crazy to already know that So Hee is going to die. I’m enjoying the way they’re laying out the plot. The whole drama so far reminds me like Lost meets How to Get Away With Murder and yet at the same time it’s nothing like either. Lol.


Amy: Hmmmm…..At first I was thinking everything was a set up by the guy who wanted to take over the entertainment company but then I thought maybe it was someone else and now I’m just going to try and be patient so that I can see what happens. I imagine being in a place like that would make anyone not think clearly especially after experiencing something so traumatic. Who knows if she was actually murdered? It could have been a suicide.

Akua: I think it’s interesting how the Special Investigative Team looks at this as a bad thing instead of a good thing. And how they are so suspicious of our heroine. After all, she just had a traumatic four months, right? You can’t dictate how people respond to trauma or to memory loss. Some people rage and others quietly steam. Her behavior - confused, lost, dreamy, halting in her speech - all of it is very much in line with people who suffer from trauma. It’s sad to me that there’s so much against her! Everyone has their own reasons to get her to talk or stay silent but no one except her mom seems to be concerned for her well-being! That’s super pissy for me.


Logan: Oh, I know! I was kind of annoyed at the investigative team for how they treated Bong Hee too. Especially when he told her that her being alive made it inconvenient for them. What an awful way to talk to someone who could very likely be suffering from some form of trauma. I get the feeling that she’s protecting the group or at least a portion of the group by not revealing everything right away and that makes me all the more intrigued. What happened on that island?

Amy: We have to wait until next week to find out more. Sigh. I feel like Bong Hee is hiding something too though. Maybe she is plotting with someone for a reason we don’t know yet so she is buying time until their plan can go through.

Akua: Sooo before we get too deep into intrigue and mystery, can we just pause for the comedic moments?? The gangsters running after Bong Hee, Joon Oh’s meltdown on the island - pure comedic genius. I’m glad that we have them because I think this is going to be one of those onion-layer dramas where you may have to go back every few episodes and watch them again because something important has happened that you missed but only gets revealed later!


Logan: I was so surprised at how well this drama is able to pull off being both super intense and yet incredibly funny. Normally it’s hard to blend the two, but I buy it in this case. I loved Joon Oh’s meltdown and when he didn’t even want to eat the snacks but his subconscious took over while daydreaming. Haha.

Amy: That was pretty cute and funny at the same time. The poor guy just couldn’t help himself. I laughed a little when Hwang Jae Kook’s assistant was freaking out about the plane and Jae Kook would not take him seriously. Who says big guys don’t get scared too?

Akua: So we’ve got a plane crash for a rather dubious entertainment company with almost B celebrities, an amnesic stylist who may or may not be telling the truth, investigators who are anxious, fans who are crazy and all kinds of other people including family of the passengers who are all in different emotional states. This makes for a very volatile drama! Then add to it almost dream-like lighting, color coordinated scenes and beautiful cinematography?? This sounds like a winning combination to me!!!

Logan: Winning combination is right, Akua. I’m always excited when a drama comes along and just brings something new and fascinating to the table and we have that with Missing Nine. I’m really looking forward to the next 9 weeks.

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