Another week has passed in our time, but how about on the island of intrigue and mystery? This tropical vacation is turning into a bloody nightmare! Are our plucky heroes the only ones lost on this island or is there a deadlier menace waiting for them? Catch all the excitement here with the Missing Nine Drama Club as Amy, Logan and myself (Akua Sage) race back and forth through time on a quest to unravel this mystery!


Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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Logan: Okay, so one thing we’ve learned so far from Missing Nine is that this is definitely not the island that you want to take a vacation on. There are dangers at every corner. So far our nine have had to deal with broken bones, infections, stepping on landmines, possibly poisonous snakebites, falling into pits, monsoons and a supply thief to top it all off! What’s next on this crazy island?

Akua: Treachery! Betrayal! Jealousy! Regret! I mean good grief! What don’t you find on this island? Everyone’s got secrets. So Hee “saw” Tae Ho killing a man. Joon Oh kills in mysterious ways. Bong Hee may or may not have killed So Hee. Tae Ho found a way out and is looking for others to conscript in his journey. Joon Oh is starting to catch feelings for Bong Hee and we all know Bong Hee already been done caught something for Joon Oh. Ji Ah’s got an unknown bleeding disorder? Everyone’s hiding something!


Amy: I’m so conflicted with Bong Hee killing So Hee. I don’t think she actually killed So Hee but I can see why she would blame herself. Bong Hee did nothing to try to stop So Hee from falling. At least that is what it looked like in Bong Hee’s mind. I can’t imagine the stress Bong Hee’s body is under from her traumatic experience and when you add the constant interrogations on top of that I’m sure not everything is as it seems.

Logan: I don’t think that any of us are buying that Bong Hee killed So Hee. I mean, look at the character we’ve seen from her so far. She probably feels responsible in the same way that Joon Oh feels responsible for Jae Hyun. But the question that comes into play is will they make her a survivor or murderer? Considering that the company is only looking out for their own interests and Bong Hee is so innocent, I’m guessing that unfortunately the nation is going to make her into a villain. Which is really not fair. Think of everything she’s been through already.

Akua: Amy and Logan, as a psychiatrist (yup, I am one in real life), watching KDramas deal with mind/brain balances is always slightly upsetting but hey, what can I expect? Threatening Bong Hee in the beginning? Subjecting her to constant sessions so that her brain barely has enough time to process what has happened? And then add the stress of the Prosecutor coming at her (have they ascertained what else is going on in her life? NOPE!?) None of this is ethical treatment of an amnesiac patient suffering from a four-month long traumatic incident (not to say of the airplane crash itself or the trip to civilization). And the doctor who said he doesn’t understand why Bong Hee’s memories aren’t back is a doctor who needs to turn in his license! Any doctor worth their salt knows that the mind protects itself from traumatic incidents in many ways, including “forgetting”. SMH - HONESTLY! These people haven’t done much to help our protagonist out! They haven’t provided her any safe spaces for her to allow the memories to come back and that psychiatrist? You can’t hypnotize someone, discover they think they’ve killed someone and not follow up? Why didn’t he ask her exactly what happened? AAAAAAAAAAARGH! So annoyed right now. *tirade over, I think*

Amy: I was annoyed by it too. Okay so you think she murdered someone but you aren’t going to try to get more answers from her? You’re already interrogating Bong Hee anyway, you might as well try to get even more information out of her. Speaking of the hypnosis sessions, though, I really loved the way they shot the scenes where Bong Hee was under hypnosis. The colors and the way the characters were presented...It was so beautiful. Then again it made me think that everyone from the island was dead because they all had a light shining around them. I didn’t like that part. I’m still holding out hope that someone is alive and I think that Legend Entertainment’s new CEO is hiding someone.

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Logan: I also thought it was a bit shady of the doctor to say that there was no reason she shouldn’t have her memories back and am glad to have a professional ratify that, Akua. Bong Hee really is getting the short end of every stick here in this drama. The hypnosis scene was GORGEOUS! It did make me feel sad, though, because the doctor kept talking about her loved ones and they were the ones she pictured and it makes me think she gets really close to all of them and we don’t know how many survived. I completely think that it’s one of the other nine that’s being hidden. My money is on Tae Ho, that good for nothing scumbag who would survive at any costs.

Akua: Yes, the hypnosis scenes were shot well, Amy. They’re all purtified, clean, wearing white, glowing - are they dead? Or is this just a reflection of Bong Hee’s good feelings about them? Also, Logan isn’t it interesting that Bong Hee sees them and her mother as her loved ones? This means she had no friends or other family that she was close to for the majority of her life? Is it just me or does Bong Hee seem like the plucky, go-getter, down-on-her-luck, working class daughter who still has hope in life? I mean, goodness - she’s the ONLY one who’s been working to survive this whole time. And you know how I know Tae Ho is a bad guy? He’s got the “V” haircut! Yup! Hahaha. But wait - Logan - good point! The CEO might be talking to Tae Ho but I was kind of hoping it was Joon Oh!

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Amy: Yep and I agree with Logan that the survivor is Tae Ho. I know he killed someone but I’m wondering if he did that to put the guy out of his misery because it looked like he had been stabbed. I’m not sure if that was from the accident or Tae Ho. Just something to think about. Also, we know Tae Ho is bad because he lies so much! Love doesn’t matter when you’re in a relationship? You took care of Ji Ah, Tae Ho? Now I’m wondering if it wasn’t Joon Oh’s fit that made the songwriter kill himself but something that Tae Ho did to push him over the edge.

Logan: Ooo, that’s a good thought, Amy. Tae Ho does seem sneaky enough to manipulate Jae Hyun and then blame it on Joon Oh. I think we all agree Tae Ho is good for nothing. Even if we didn’t know about him killing the man in the woods, we know that he’s going to try to get off the island and leave the others who won’t fit in the life raft. It’d be one thing if he was planning to confer with them and make a logical decision about who should go but we know that’s not going to happen. He’s already eyeing those of the nine that are most likely to be selfish and save themselves first just like him. And anyway he’s just got a creepy vibe to him. He’s shady, selfish, and up to no good.

Akua: Nope, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tae Ho was the ultimate villain. Did you notice that he chose Bong Hee just because he didn’t like her being around Joon Oh? How petty! Ugh, but I don’t want to talk about how he blatantly lies (good point Amy) or his sneaky manipulations (on it Logan) anymore. Uhm, can we talk about the cuteness of the pink jacket scene? *teehee* And the scariness of the Chief Investigator?? *brrrrrr* Or wait, one more question - when we see the flashbacks during the interrogation scenes, is Bong Hee relaying the story or are we just watching her inside her mind?

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Amy: That pink jacket scene really was too adorable. It also showed how stubborn both Joon Oh and Bong Hee are. Bong Hee wants to do what she thinks is right and Joon Oh just wants to take care of her. Very sweet. What about when Bong Hee cried because she left Joon Oh for a long time? I thought that was sweet too. You could tell Joon Oh didn’t know how to comfort her before he gave in and went for the awkward hug. I really don’t think Joon Oh is as bad as everyone makes him out to be. He has a hot temper but he obviously cares about people and wants to be there for them.

Logan: I think the more time that Joon Oh spends with Bong Hee the more of his sweet side we’ll see. Like you said, Amy, he has a temper but he’s similar to a child in some ways when it comes to his tantrums. He actually is quite caring and we see that a lot when during the midst of his tantrum he’ll see that another person is suffering and completely change his behavior. The fact that he’s comforting Bong Hee when he was the one who had been standing on a landmine is pretty telling of his character. So he may start off being stubborn like a child-like when he let Bong Hee fetch all of the suitcases- but when he saw that she was getting sick he made her stop and took over.

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Akua: I like the way we get to see Joon Oh’s personality evolve. He has a prima donna streak in him with a quick temper but he also has intelligence as evidenced by his argument about them moving inward from the beach, his reaction to Ji Ah and Yeol being hurt and the way he watches Bong Hee. Remember when he starts telling her his secrets and says “man, there’s nothing I won’t tell you?” Even in the first episode, he gives her back some of the snacks when he realizes he’s being selfish.

Amy: Joon Oh has definitely grown on me. I like his manager too. The scene where he caught a rabbit but just couldn’t kill it was adorably funny. Does anyone else think there are too many coincidences in this show, though? Manager Ki just happened to specialize in mines in the navy and also has his bag with Ji Ah’s medicine? I mean, I want the best for everyone but come on. That is a little too much.

Logan: Manager Ki Joon is just so adorable. The way he was always kind to Bong Hee and the way he looks after Ji Ah. He clearly loves her a lot. He’s so kind-hearted and the fact that he can’t even kill a rabbit is evidence of this. I’m glad he’s one of our nine. I also love Yeol and Ji Ah’s characters too. They too have shown views into their caring natures. If we have to have some selfish people on the island, at least we have those with good hearts as well.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 3.41.20 PM.png

Akua: We all love us some Manager Ki Joon! And he’s cute to boot! I thought Ji Ah was a spoiled so-and-so but I see she’s quite confident and knows her mind. So Hee needs help though. Was she always this unwell, I wonder? CEO Hwang and his assistant tho? Hilarious! When Bong Hee sees him trying to suck the poison out of his wound? Hahahahahaha! But wait, what happened to the three other girls in the girl band?

Amy: You know what? I totally forgot about those girls? I haven’t even thought about them because so much has been going on! They have to be around somewhere, right? I seriously love CEO Hwang and his assistant. Their interactions are so cute and funny. I like how CEO Hwang’s assistant isn’t afraid to speak his mind even to his boss and the little fit CEO Hwang threw when he found out Ji Ah is sick and she and Tae Oh are dating. They’re just too funny.

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Logan: I just assumed everyone else on the plane died since the drama is called “Missing Nine”. We know there are other people on the plane because we had the pilots and those girls. I think they never survived the crash-although it’ be nice if they survived. Less death is always a nice thing. CEO Hwang and his assistant are pretty funny. CEO Hwang is definitely out of touch with his performers. He seems to know nothing. Haha. And they’re both drama queens, which always makes me laugh.

Akua: What did that co-pilot mean when he said the plane was doomed? Was the plane accident not an accident?

Amy: I’ve been thinking this whole thing might not have been an accident. I think the new CEO of Legend Entertainment is behind everything and Tae Ho somehow too. I might just be adding Tae Ho because I don’t like him but I could also be right. Ha ha!

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 3.12.22 PM.png

Logan: I agree, Amy, the new CEO seems the likely one to be responsible. It’s interesting that we still haven’t seen his face either. I wonder why. It’s going to be a surprise actor or is it more plot-related. Either way just like most of this drama, it has me anxious for answers. I swear when I’m watching this drama I am literally sitting on the edge of my seat and can’t turn away from the screen. It’s so captivating.

Akua: A good drama makes you wish it was already finished so you can just marathon it! And that’s what we’ve got here! Welp ladies, I think we’re just about done here buuuuuut one last question - fellow M9ers out there, what are some of your thoughts? What do you think about our hypothesis? Is Tae Ho the ultimate villain? What will happen to Joon Oh and Bong Hee? Was the plane crash just an accident? Drop your comments below. We’ll be sure to answer them!! Stay tuned for more intrigue and hilarity from us, your fellow co-passengers!!!

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