Missing Nine is throwing all of the feels at us this week, and we don’t know what to do with them! Will someone please help us out? We need opinions and more opinions! What is going on?! Join Akua, Logan, and Amy as we try to hash it all out.


Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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Amy: Well, we had a lot going on in these two episodes but I’m not sure where to start! Shall we take it from episode five? Tae Ho? Let’s talk about Tae Ho. I knew that man was crazy before but he fully lost it didn’t he? I tried to excuse killing the co-pilot as a mercy kill because I knew Tae Ho was a jerk but I didn’t think he was that bad but now...man. He is all bad and apparently a very good actor.


Logan: Tae Ho is my nemesis. I want to destroy him with every fiber of my being. He just keeps killing people and I’m really not enjoying it. What he did to Yeol....I just...well, I can only say that I have to count to ten before I can even speak when talking about him because I hate Tae Ho so much. But I agree, Amy, he is a fantastic actor! I’ve enjoyed Choi Tae Joon in the other dramas I’ve seen him in and while his character has disappointed me over and over, his acting has not.

Akua: The vee! The vee hair cut y’all. Ugh! So, yeah, selfish, manipulative, bullying, psychopathic killer who excuses all his murders. That, ladies is a baaaaaaaaad man. I wasn’t sure if he killed the co-pilot because So Hee seemed as if she was hallucinating herself buuuut, nope. She saw it all. And she got killed for it. She hasn’t watched enough movies. The people who threaten the killers always get taken out! And she got taken out!! Did you see how he strangled her?

Amy: I was yelling at So Hee not to confront him alone but she didn’t hear me! Why can’t they ever hear me?! Tae Ho really had me going though. I thought he was upset about killing Yeol which he may have been but after he killed So Hee I’m pretty sure that remorse was just a tiny speck in his heart. Joon Oh is really maturing and coming through as a leader though! He seemed like a spoiled baby at first but the way he is taking charge and looking out for everyone has definitely washed that image away. I was really impressed with him this week.


Logan: After all So Hee did to stay alive so far, I was hoping she had longer left in the drama before she died. But Yeol, that was just dirty what the writers and producers did to us. You’ve got to know how many people are watching this drama primarily for Chanyeol and then they kill off his character in Episode 5!?! But am I the only one who’s holding onto a sliver of hope that he’s still alive? Tae Ho didn’t check for a pulse after all and although he floated pretty far from shore, maybe it’s feasible? It’s a Kdrama after all, right? Someone please tell me I’m right! But on a more positive note, I also appreciate what a leader Joon Oh is shaping up to me.


Akua: Ah, ladies, but maybe - just maybe Yeol is not dead. Last we saw he was floating out to see but that doesn’t mean he was dead. He could have been knocked unconscious and Tae Ho in his desperation, shoved him off without checking, like you said Logan. It’s more than plausible. Joon Oh has matured tremendously! He’s rescuing the “kids”, searching for Tae Ho, keeping the others from kicking him out and above all, NOT killing Tae Ho. When they showed him picking up that rock y’all! I thought he was gonna finish Tae Ho off!

Amy: I thought Joon Oh MIGHT finish Tae Ho but then they wouldn’t have showed us that flashback of the day before their debut if he was going to do that. I mean, they were literally fighting in the mud. I agree that Yeol might still be alive. You just never know. We have people turning up left and right. Even our CEO! I was so happy when I saw him but then...Accident. I’m telling you, the new Legend Entertainment president is behind everything.


Logan: Joon Oh is incredibly gracious and forgiving. At least he got some good punches in before letting Tae Ho completely off the hook, though. Speaking of which, are the the halls of Legend Entertainment just lined with punching bags because- Dang! Do they like to throw their fists around. There were so many punches these last two episodes (mostly aimed at Tae Ho) but I have to say I enjoyed it a bit. Especially when Ji Ah broke up with him like he meant nothing to her and then punched him right in the face. I’ve got to say, Ji Ah is my hero. I really love her character. I hope she turns out to be another survivor. Even with his faults, I’m glad the CEO is alive...for now.

Akua: I have never seen a KDrama with this many punches and this much cursing flying around! I loved how everyone got into it! Even Bong Hee slapped So Hee right back! Normally the women are all withering wallflowers holding their cheeks and barely keeping from crying but on this island? Naaah. When CEO said it was “a blood bath”, he wasn’t kidding! Speaking of the CEO, what was up with that you can’t touch each other weirdness between Ji Ah and Manager Ki Joon? I think Ki Joon has a crush on Ji Ah. I hope they end up together in the end!

Amy: I think that it is controversial in Korea for talent to be with a manager so CEO doesn’t want it. Well, you can’t always have your way can you? I think that Ki Joon and Ji Ah would be a cute couple but I’m not sure if an island is the place to start a relationship. It just seems too stressful. I say that but I get all happy when Bong Hee and Joon Oh make heart eyes at each other. Double standards much, Amy? I really want Joon Oh to turn up and be with Bong Hee. It’s just really nice to watch them take care of each other.


Logan: What’s funny to me is that they’re on a desert island and the CEO is still trying to control them as his CEO. Like, that’s no man’s land. There are no company rules on a desert island. I’m all for relationships in this situation. If you might be spending your last moments alive, there’s no time like the present for love and boy do I love Ji Ah and Ki Joon together. Ki Joon continues to be a cutie and is a leader in his own right. But the blossoming relationship between Joon Oh and Bong Hee is also great because even though nothing’s really happened between them you can tell they’re both developing really strong feelings for one another.

Akua: The look in Bong Hee’s eyes when Joon Oh showed up? When she asked him if he were real and not a ghost? When she couldn’t even move until he took her by the hand and told her to walk beside him? *swoon*. I am here for all of that! They fit each other so well. I want him to show up and rescue Bong Hee from Prosecutor and Investigative Chief. And I want the new CEO of Legend Entertainment to get punched in the head!!


Amy: Me too, me too, me too! Guess what, though? We have to wait for good things (if good things are to come) to happen. I am so upset that I have to wait longer and I can’t just watch all of the episodes. I need to know what happens! NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW!!

Logan: What I want him to show up and rescue Bong Hee from is Tae Ho. In the last moments of Episode 6 we find out that Tae Ho is alive and has been found- I nearly forgot about that. Okay, so I was intentionally blocking it out. And this is right after Bong Hee has revealed that he killed So Hee. Why do I have a feeling that he’s going to turn the tables and blame everything back on Bong Hee. I’m scared for her. I’m hoping the Prosecutor will take her side and protect her as a big brother since she was kind to So Hee.

Akua: They CANNOT let Tae Ho know that anyone else is alive. They need to get him to talk without prior knowledge about Bong Hee because knowing him, he’ll come up with a pack of lies that will put suspicion on Bong Hee. So CEO needs to wake up and NOT be amnesic! Pleeeeease M9 Writers, don’t make him lose his memory to heighten the tension. It was already tense enough as is with all this chaos on the island! Oh man, I’m worked up about all of this. I need to know what’s gonna happen like yesterday!

What is Tae Ho really up to? Will more missing people turn up? Is anyone else going to die? Who, if anyone is behind all of this? Give us your thoughts in the comments below and if you like us please check out our past work!

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