The way things are going for our Bong Hee, her friends are her own worst enemy! How? Why? Keep reading to find out more as we (Akua, Logan and Amy rehash the latest on Missing Nine!)


Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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Logan: After Secretary Tae accused Bong Hee of being a murder accomplice at the bottom of last week, things seemed hopeless for her. She had no one on her side, but then miraculously two more survivors were found and it seemed like the sun was shining once more. Ki Joon and Ji Ah are hardly cowards. Surely they would corroborate Bong Hee’s story, right? But once more she’s been betrayed and left with no one. Bong Hee’s story so far has been nothing but tragedy. After all she did to keep these people alive and take care of them, she’s been betrayed over and over. Ladies, what are you feelings after this week?

Amy: I was so disappointed in Ki Jung but I understood why he didn’t tell the truth at the same time. He felt like it was the best way to protect Ji Ah because CEO Jang and Tae Ho make a scary team. I was so stinking happy when Ki Jung, Ji Ah, and Bong Hee reunited. I was thinking she would finally have someone on her side besides So Hee’s brother but man. That disappointment. I cried. Especially with the flashbacks showing Ki Jung’s friendship with Joon Oh.

Akua: I was shocked to find out what happened on that fishing boat! She completely forgot that. When you think about everything that Bong Hee has endured, it makes sense that she was so lost when she was found! It’s taken a long time for her to get to this point with Tae Ho showing up, Secretary Hang’s deception, CEO Hwang’s attempted murder and now the disappointment that Joon Oh wasn’t one of the survivors! Then you top it all off with Ki Joon and Ji Ah lying? Even after everything Bong Hee did for them on the island and them knowing the truth about what truly happened? I can understand Bong Hee turning away from Ki Joon after the press conference.

Logan: The betrayal from Ki Joon and Ji Ah had to be so shocking to Bong Hee. They were always kind to her. What I thought was interesting was how in an earlier episode Joon Oh had specifically stated that Ji Ah was not the type of person to go along with something just because somebody told her to yet here she is accusing Joon Oh, someone she was close to, of being a murderer just because Ki Joon asked. I don’t think that’s insignificant. For that big of a character change she really has to have feelings for him. If CEO Jang had tried to threaten her alone it wouldn’t have worked, but he new the perfect form of manipulation to get the two to go along with his plan. He’s just as psychotic as Tae Ho.

Amy: I think that being on that island changed everyone and Ji Ah is very scared now. Ki Joon is protecting her and she is relying on him to do that so she went along with what he said. I would definitely be changed after being on that island so I can understand why Ji Ah did it. CEO Jang and Tae Ho are both scary criminals who are extremely selfish and will not stop until they get what they want. I wasn’t surprised at all when Tae Ho showed up on that boat and tried to kill everyone because he thinks they are in his way so he has to get rid of them. I do wonder, however, how he planned to get that boat somewhere with people after killing everyone on it.

Akua: Those 4 months jacked them all up - they’re scared, nervous and leery of everyone. They can’t trust anyone anymore. When CEO Hwang said that it was a “blood bath”, he wasn’t kidding! For most of them, fending for themselves, dealing with the idea of dying on that island and then all the violence they experienced shook them to their cores. They’re all scared - all the time; except for Bong Hee and Tae Ho. I think that Bong Hee was always a strong person and her life made her stronger so being on the island forced all her good qualities to come to the forefront. Tae Ho is just psychotic. How does killing everyone around him help him survive? What I want to know is what disease Ji Ah’s suffering from and if it has something to do with Ki Joon’s quitting medicine? Does he take care of her because of something he did wrong?

Logan: That’s true, 4 months on a desert island where you see your friends murdered and reveal their true colors would be a lot to process. I feel so bad for Bong Hee. I could feel the betrayal and was frustrated at the injustice of it all. When she was holding CEO Hwang’s hand and asking him to wake up, my heart broke for her. He was her last hope and he’s still comatose. I’m also curious about the correlation between Ji Ah’s illness and Ki Joon quitting medicine. I’ve tried to think of different theories for how the two are related, but I’m coming up blank. My best guess is that he’s in love with her and left medicine to follow her, but that seems too simple for this storyline. At least the two feel horrible for what they’re doing to Bong Hee. I hope when the truth comes out they make serious amends to her.

Amy: I think that they will make it up to her somehow. I was amused when Ki Joon tripped Tae Ho and slapped him on the head before and after the press conference. You can tell Ki Joon is not into any of this at all. Maybe he will formulate a plan to help Bong Hee. That would be awesome. I was thinking maybe Ki Joon was practicing medicine when Ji Ah became ill and decided to stop to take care of her but yeah. That would probably be too simple. I think there is more to Ki Joon than there appears because he isn’t the silly person they try to make him out to be. Tae Ho, though. He just keeps getting worse and worse. When he was fighting Bong Hee and said it was fun...Eeek! I want to know what is going on in that mind of his. I think he likes the thrill of the hunt a little too much.

Akua: I was yelling encouragement when Bong Hee fought Tae Ho! Waaaaaaoooow! That woman may be small but don’t mess with her. She’s the only one who isn’t afraid of Tae Ho. Ki Joon said it, “Bong Hee has a pure heart”, which is why she stands up to Tae Ho. She doesn’t have any secrets to protect, is loyal and searches for the truth! I don’t know why Tae Ho went to her house to threaten her because that will only spur her on. He needs to be scared of her. She won’t buckle like the others. As for Ki Joon’s betrayal, I still don’t understand it. How could that CEO kill Ji Ah? An assassination attempt? Unfortunately, the Special Investigative Unit is so maddening! Why are they so incompetent? How does everyone get the info before them? Why can’t they protect the survivors? Aaaaaargh, I’m so pissed at them.

Logan: I was totally impressed with both Bong Hee and Ji Ah’s fighting skills at the hospital. We already knew they could throw a punch but seeming them evade the bad guys as long as they did was impressive. There have been quite a few punches thrown around by these females during this show so far and I enjoy everyone. They’re putting the helpless damsel in distress bit to rest. Even if they are injured or sick, they bounce back and show their truth strength. I agree with you both about Tae Ho. He doesn’t know when to stop. It’s clearly a sickness and he’s found that he enjoys the killing, the manipulation. You give him an inch and he takes a mile. Getting away with murder isn’t enough for him, he’s constantly antagonizing someone. I also don’t understand why CEO Jang is going so far to protect Tae Ho to the point of being willing to kill one of his other artists. Does he have some skin in this as well? Does he have a secret to protect?

Amy: At first I was thinking that CEO Jang just views Tae Ho as the biggest moneymaker but considering his is willing to off his other moneymakers I don’t think that is the case anymore. Either Tae Ho has something on CEO Jang or their scheme goes much deeper than we know right now. All of this is making me like Joon Oh more and more though. The more they expose Tae Ho the better I see Joon Oh and the more I like him. Yeah he acted spoiled at first but he obviously has a good heart. Yeol, though. He just popped in my head. Girls, he has to make an appearance again, right? Like he is hiding somewhere and will pop up as a surprise witness? Pleeeeeeeaaaassssssse?

Akua: Hahahaha, I was just thinking about Yeol. Sigh. I want him to come back just like you do. His character was too kind to have been dispatched like that. His “death” shows just how crazy Tae Ho is. CEO Jang is more slithery than Tae Ho. He’s just as evil, only he masquerades it where Tae Ho flaunts it. How do you bribe an entire hospital? That scene was crazy! All these fake patients with axes, bats and knives? What kind of madness was that? Oh! The ruse they used to pull the Western Prosecutor away tho. Ladies, I knew it was gonna be bad as soon as he got the call and left. I’m glad he made Bong Hee stay. All these characters need to learn to stick together. Every time they walk away, something bad happens!

Logan: Oh Yeol! If he were to die a noble and proper death, I could accept that he’s dead. But he was barely mourned by his friends and left floating face down in the ocean. That’s no closure, so if he really is dead I’m going to be really annoyed at the story-telling here. Are they teasing us on purpose or do they just not realize how poorly his death was tied up? I won’t name specific dramas as to not give away any spoilers for those still watching, but there has been a trend in dramas lately of the characters of idol actors being unexpectedly killed off when they’re not the lead. And I don’t like the trend at all. It’s too hard on my emotions. Anyway, I agree, Akua, everyone needs to stick together. If they all got on the same side, the honest side, and told what happened it would be Tae Ho and CEO Jang who would need to be fearful.

Amy: I wish they weren’t so afraid of CEO Jang and Tae Ho so that they could just team up and out them already. So Joon Oh. We lost all hope of him being alive after he was stabbed in the back by Tae Ho but he is alive! When Bong Hee said she was going to So Joon at the beginning of episode 10 I was so anxious to see him actually alive and well that I had a hard time concentrating the rest of the episode! I was a little peeved at his trick though. At first with the writers for giving him amnesia and then him for faking it.

Akua: I straight up said, “No, you don’t! Don’t you dare do that to us! Don’t you bring him back and make him lose his memory!!! That’s just so wrong!” when Joon Oh walked by Bong Hee! Then he spoke in Chinese?!! I nearly yelled! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat are you people doing! But then he was just playing around. Ugh! Joon Oh! That’s definitely the playful side that we haven’t seen in so long. In a way I was glad because it means that Joon Oh has been emotionally and mentally healing!! But now what? He’s back but the whole country believes he’s a dead murderer? How are they gonna reconcile all of this mess? Uuuuugh! Do I have to wait a week?

Logan: The return of Joon Oh was a ray of sunshine in this darkened land. Finally, Bong Hee’s biggest ally is there for her. I don’t know how they’re going to win against Tae Ho and CEO Jang when it’s 4 against 2 and the fact that the whole country already thinks he’s a murderer, but I have faith. I gave an audible sigh of relief when I saw Joon Oh’s face in present day for the first time. ‘Everything is going to be okay now’ I told myself. However, I can see Joon Oh taking the blame if it means saving Bong Hee in the same way that Ki Joon did. I really hope it doesn’t go down that way, though. I think Prosecutor Yoon, even though reassigned, is really going to help them bring out the truth and bring the case to justice. He knows Ki Joon and Ji Ah are lying and he’s angry now. He’s a fighter, too, and I’m ready for this fight to come to an end soon.

Amy: I think that Prosecutor Yoon will really come through. I like him. He’s a strong guy and goes after what he thinks is right. At first he thought Bong Hee was the bad guy but when he learned she wasn’t he started supporting her instead of remaining stubborn and keeping his suspicion of her. Joon Oh, though. When he said they should go back to Seoul I was not happy. Couldn’t they just stay in China for a little while and formulate a plan or something? Does he know what he is going back to? It is scary and I don’t want to wait to see what happens!

Akua: Prosecutor Yoon is stronger than the Chairwoman. She just wants to wrap this up but Yoon wants the truth. I think that demoting him is a blessing in disguise. He’ll be less in the spotlight so he can do more in-depth and deeper searching. I’m worried that Tae Ho and CEO Jang will find out and kidnap Bong Hee to manipulate Joon Oh. Honestly ladies, I’ve been so upset with this drama! The suspense is eating away at me. I hate how the bad guys always get the drop on the good guys (tho I think in her own way the Chairwoman is trying to protect Bong Hee). I hate how Bong Hee struggles by herself - though her Eomma and Prosecutor Yoon are amazing supporters - and I keep yelling at everyone! Hahahaha. It’s a hot mess, I know.

Logan: It really has been a suspenseful and anxiety-filled journey for me as well. So many different emotions from relief to disbelief to anger at the injustice of it all. I’m worried my neighbors are going to think I’m having a domestic dispute from all of the yelling and no-so-pretty language I’ve been using while watching this drama, but I can’t help it! This drama makes me crazy, but at the same time I’ve been enjoying it. I love it when a drama varies from the norm and Missing Nine totally does.

Amy: I’m having a love/hate relationship with it because I appreciate all of the suspense and it makes me think when justice comes it will come hard to the bad guys but I can’t stand how anxious it makes me at the same time! I just want to see it all resolved and everyone on their way to healing already!

Akua: So we’re all agreed. This is a great drama because it’s got all of us up in arms! We’re yelling, pissed, sympathetic and upset all at the same time. I don’t know what will happen in the next episodes! I have no clue where anything will come from! It’s fun and frustrating at the same time!!

What do you guys think about the action so far? Leave your comments below!

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Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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