JOON OH IS BACK! GUYS! HEY, GUYS! JOON OH IS BAAAAAAAACK! We had other developments too. Like Joon Oh being funny but also kick butt, CEO Jang and Tae Ho getting anxious, and Prosecutor Yoon standing up to Congresswoman Jo. Come discuss the happenings with Akua, Logan, and Amy!


Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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Akua: Whooooooooa, can I just say, FIERCE!!?? Ladies! FIERCE! Do you remember last week’s recap where I said that Bong Hee was courageous while everyone else except for Tae Ho was shaking in their respective boots? Well, Joon Oh is a straight gangsta this time around! I don’t even know where to start with his fierceness! He is so bold in everything! Mayne, I don’t even know how to start?!! I AM LOVING ME SOME JOON OH! What about y’all?

Logan: For so many reasons it’s nice to have Joon Oh back. Finally Bong Hee isn’t alone and she doesn’t have to bear all this emotional weight by herself. On the same hand, I think it was easier for Joon Oh to come back knowing that at least one person was on his side this time. Ironically, it was Bong Hee who he knew for the shortest period of time while his long-time friends all betrayed him. It lines up with his character that rather than being angry or dejected he was determined to get them back on their side and even when to pursue Ki Joon on his own. And now that we have Joon Oh back and know that he’s not dead, the humorous moments in this show are back in full force. I laughed so much this week.

Amy: I am thrilled that Joon Oh is back! I could not stop smiling during episode eleven because Joon Oh is back and I just love him and his interactions with all of the characters. He is a badass when he needs to be and a sweet, goofy guy when the situation calls for it too! Joon Oh is so sweet with Bong Hee. I love how he looks out for her and that he is getting jealous of Prosecutor Yoon. When Joon Oh was running after Ki Joon is was so comical and trying to save everyone from being swindled because luck was on his side but then getting swindled himself was great. Joon Oh seems like a bumbling idiot but really he has a good head on his shoulders and knows what he's doing. It is so great that he is with Bong Hee now.

Akua: Yes! I am sooo glad Joon Oh is back. At first I was worried that he came back too soon and somehow Tae Oh and CEO Jang would use that knowledge to hamstring their efforts to clear Joon Oh’s name but it seems like Joon Oh’s presence is going to push the action along! I love Bong Hee and Joon Oh together. They are hilarious. The scene in China while they’re trying to find the illegal human traffickers? Had me rolling as they kept getting lost. They are so serious with their own personal craziness - they match perfectly. I laughed hard this week during both episodes, including the one where Joon Oh is chasing Ki Joon and they keep stopping to play games, eat tteokbokkii and then go to the sauna??? Oh my gosh! We needed that after the past few weeks! I love how Joon Oh isn’t one sided.

Logan: I agree, Akua! The humor is a needed reprieve from all the seriousness and intensity we’ve had the last few weeks. I almost forgot how funny this show can be. Joon Oh’s goofiness played well with both Bong Hee and Ki Joon. And even Secretary Tae had me cracking up when he thought he saw Joon Oh’s ghost. Oh and speaking of Secretary Tae I should maybe take back some of the awful things I said about him. I guess he wasn’t only following along with Tae Jo and CEO Jang because he was scared, but because they threatened CEO Hwang’s life. Those two are expert manipulators by using people’s loved ones against them. Here we have this group of people who are good-hearted and stand up for what’s right, but they’ve managed to use against them the one thing that hardly anyone would risk - their friends and family.

Amy:Yep. Secretary Tae isn’t all bad. I’m glad to see that he is staying by CEO Hwang’s side and helping CEO Hwang’s wife. I’m afraid that CEO Jang will catch on but at the same time he seems certain that he has scared the people around him enough that they wouldn’t go against him. He is going to get a slap to the face and I can’t wait for it!

Akua: I’m glad that we got to see that part of Secretary Tae because I thought he was a frightened turncoat with no backbone but now I see that in his own way, he’s trying to right a wrong. I actually felt my heart soften when he was crying by CEO Hwang’s bedside, “please don’t die. If you die then I’ll really be a bad guy” stirred me. His desperation is palpable and so is his total fear that he had seen a ghost! Honestly, he was petrified but funny. One thing I do enjoy about this drama is how they easily mix fear with funny. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show that does that seamlessly. I am also amused by Congresswoman Jo’s personal packages of hand sanitizers and nausea medicines!!! And wasn’t she super smart to fake everyone out with the box? Did she know she was being bugged?

Logan: Sometimes I can’t stand Congresswoman Jo, but other times I applaud her cunning. While “the good guys” didn’t get the phone, she wanted it so that she could know the truth. While she’s chosen in the past to choose the easiest path when no other evidence presented itself, she isn’t the type to deny something when the proof is right there. When she finds whatever was on So Hee’s phone, she’ll take the proper action. In the meantime, I hope everyone is going to stay alive. CEO Jang and Tae Ho are getting desperate- both have things they need to hide.

Amy: I think that Congresswoman Jo will be a big helper when it comes to bringing the bad guys to justice. I thought she was bad at first and I still kind of think she is but I don’t think she’ll let the bad guys get away with all this either. It would not benefit her to let them get away with it because that will mean she overlooked evidence when she was in charge of the investigation. Not looking good does not bode well for someone running for congress. I’m glad CEO Jang and Tae Ho are making mistakes. I’m so over them and ready for them to get caught already. It will not hurt my feelings to see them suffering behind bars. Tae Ho is going to get harder and harder to control the more he is provoked by what is going on around him. I don’t think CEO Jang is prepared for that. Even CEO Jang’s men are afraid of Tae Ho.

Akua: Congresswoman Jo is by far the most complex character in this show. We know she isn’t afraid of a little corruption to get her way and she doesn’t care too much for the truth like Prosecutor Yoon but she has some kind of compassion. She’s unpredictable and that makes her an intriguing character. I love it when characters can’t be easily defined or don’t fit into KDrama stereotypes. CEO Jang and Tae Ho are getting desperate and stupid. They’re starting to make a lot of mistakes. The more CEO Jang tried to hide from Tae Ho, the more Tae Ho gets wild. And that’s GOOD for our Bong Hee and Joon Oh. They’re not playing on the same team because they both, like you said Logan, have secrets that they can’t divulge. Like the secret that Tae Ho CAN’T SING???!!! WHAAAAAT? I thought maybe it was because he was writing the music but turns out Jae Hyun was SINGING Tae Ho’s parts??? Wooooooooooooow! Major!

Logan: The fact that they were stealing Jae Hyun’s voice makes what they did to him so much worse. It went on for years with the promise that he would eventually get to debut. At first he seemed like a songwriter who had ambitions he would never live up to, but the fact that Tae Ho was claiming Jae Hyun’s voice as his own would be enough to make anyone feel used. I know that Joon Oh had every intention to do right by Jae Hyun eventually, but I think he should have stepped in earlier. Granted, there wasn’t a lot he could do. He did try to convince CEO Hwang to let Jae Hyun debut.

Amy: I thought Jae Hyun was a songwriter folding under pressure too so when I found out that he was Tae Ho’s voice that made me dislike Tae Ho even more. Tae Ho’s greed knows no bounds and I just can not stand him at all.

Akua: I’m glad that Ki Joon and Ji Ah both know that Joon Oh is alive and in their own way are helping him. I love that even the driver is helping Joon Oh. Ki Joon and Ji Ah’s relationship was seriously on the rocks. I’ll never understand why characters don’t tell their loved one’s why they do crazy things like ooooh, I don’t knoooow, go along with the plans of evil lord Jang? Ji Ah would have handled it like a boss. See how she leaned over on Tae Ho and cursed him out? YES that’s our Ji Ah. Even if these guys don’t want to admit it, they are on Joon Oh’s side and I’m sure they’ll all be part of the fall of Tae Ho and evil lord Jang. I am sure it’s a great plot advancer but I am so SICK AND TIRED of the “noble stupidness” these characters go through! UGH! Trust your boo!

Logan: I’m with you there, Akua! Noble stupidness has to be one of the most frustrating tropes. But now that Ji Ah knows I can’t imagine her keeping quiet anymore. She only agreed to obey CEO Jang because she trusts Ki Joon, but she was already uncomfortable with it and now that she knows Joon Oh is alive, I can’t imagine her sitting still. Hopefully next week we’ll see the gang back together and they’ll all work on taking care of that evil duo along with Prosecutor Yoon. Despite his demotion, he can’t be stopped and is fiercer than ever. He really meant it when he told the Congresswoman she was going to regret not giving him the phone. She should be scared, he’s not someone you want to mess with - especially when he only has a quest for justice on his mind.


Amy: I love Prosecutor Yoon so much. Even the way he talks. When Joon Oh was questioning whether Prosecutor Yoon was speaking comfortably I giggled because that is just the way he is! He knows what is right and what he needs to do and is so matter of fact about it that he does not waste time on the small stuff. Again, the jealous on Joon Oh’s part because of Prosecutor Yoon made me way too happy. It was also adorable that Bong Hee had no idea what was going on.

Akua: Prosecutor Yoon is unafraid. Again, I love fearless good guys. Half of these dramas have our protagonists quivering in their boots, all the time. But not Prosecutor Joon, Bong Hee and Joon Oh. They’re going at it full throttle. I loved the scene where they’re eating fried chicken and strawberries, well, Joon Oh is eating (did you notice they are always eating now? Always eating!!) and he says so matter-of-factly, “let’s go find the phone.” Am I the only one who wanted to hug Joon Oh when Tae Ho confronted him? Tae Ho looked like he was gonna pee in his pants and Joon Oh wasn’t intimidated at all. I was NOT expecting him to say what he did. LEVEL: BOSS!

Logan: Yes! That look that Joon Oh gave Tae Ho- the absolute death glare - and that killer line “I’m not alive, Tae Ho.” SOOOO good! It was the perfect thing to say and then walk away from him like Tae Ho meant nothing. It’s all downhill for Tae Ho from here on out. I can’t wait to see him crash and burn and get the sweet karmic justice he deserves. How many people has he killed so far? Way too many to ever be redeemed.

Amy: Tae ho needs to go away and never come back. I’m so done with him.

Akua: Can we just say one “yes” for Investigator Oh? He’s got a pure heart! He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed but he does have a pure heart. He sees a lot more than he says - like how he saw evil Lord Jang at the campaign site! Oh, I’m excited about next week’s episodes too!!! I can’t wait to see how they entangle the bad guys and finally being to get justice! Also, maybe Joon Oh’s falling for Bong Hee???

Amy: Yes. Investigator Oh notices a lot more than he lets on. I think he will be instrumental in the justice bringing as well. Oh and Joon Oh is already falling for Bong Hee. I just don’t think he wants to admit it until thing have settled. I predict they will live happily ever after. Come on, next week’s episodes!

What do you all think? Is Joon Oh falling in love with Bong Hee? When will CEO Jang and Tae Ho be brought to justice? Will Kang Ji, Secretary Tae, and Ji Ah come around to Joon Oh’s side? When will CEO Hwang wake up? What about all the other stuff I forgot to ask about?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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