Our beloved Missing Nine characters have been taking hit after hit, week after week, but finally justice is starting to surface as secrets are revealed and the truth is busted way open. Join Akua, Amy, and me (Logan) as we talk spilled secrets on this week's edition of the Missing Nine Drama Club.


Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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Logan: So finally, the tables have started to turn in the good guys’ favor! After being scared, manipulated, and threatened to keep quiet and do CEO Jang and Tae Ho’s bidding, Joon Oh and company had a few tricks up their own sleeves and started giving Tae Ho and CEO Jang a taste of their own medicine. It always feels nice when you get to see the characters you love taking control of the situation. What did you ladies think of this week’s turn of fortune?

Amy: I was sooooo excited that things finally went well for the good guys! I was smiling the whole time. So ready to see everyone happy and getting past all of the horrible things that have happened to them. I started feeling sorry for Tae Ho because it looked like he wanted to do the right thing at first and was then manipulated by CEO Jang but that didn’t last long. He is just bad. I kept thinking he may turn himself in but he didn’t and he even tried to kill Joon Oh. Nope. Tae Ho needs to be punished.

Akua: BUMP Tae Ho! How is he gonna get all self-righteous about CEO Jang killing off Jae Hyun after all the people HE’S killed? That’s one selfish man right there! Like you said Amy, he could have turned himself in when he knocked poor Jae Hyun out like a light! Instead he hid behind CEO Jang’s coat tails like the selfish punk he is and kept riding that innocence routine. He always has an excuse. He’s always the victim. Maaaaaan, ain’t nobody got time for that! #aaaandweout #lifeimprisonmentwithoutachanceforparole #maybeevenaslowtorturousdeathsentence??

Logan: I’m totally with you there, Amy. I started feeling sorry for him for like a brief second and then I was like - WAIT- how many other people did he kill? He hurt my poor innocent Yeol. It is a shame that he turned into the monster that he did, but he’s culpable for his actions. Still, in many ways CEO Jang is worse. I knew things were going to go downhill when he shaved his own head. Nothing good ever happens when people have that mental breakdown haircut moment. I think we should anticipate a couple final acts of desperation from him before the drama ends.

Amy: I know we will have acts of desperation from both CEO Jang and Tae Ho but I really, really want some happy times in the next two episodes too. Maybe a little romance as well? Did you catch Bong Hee calling Joon Oh “oppa”? His reaction was so cute! It looked like he was trying to figure out if Bong Hee thinks of Joon Oh as an actual big brother to look up to or a romantic interest. Orrrrrrr maybe I was just hoping. Also, am I the only one holding out hope that Yeol will appear again?

Akua: Logan, you had me laughing out loud/laugh out louding (I don’t know) with that “no good can ever come from a shaving of the hair” comment! Every time there’s a hair cut of any kind there’s gonna be a shift in the character’s personality - classic KDrama rule. In the beginning CEO Jang is really orthodox with his cut then he moves to edgy and now he’s just straight gone. *shrug* We’re not gonna get anything rational or right out of him from now on. He’s gone over the edge. But pause - y’all know how much I love Joon Oh right? Did any of you catch that subtle “fall/trip/will you marry me? (that escalated quickly)” move that he made when he gave that gift to Boon Hee?!! YAAAAS!! I think he was probing to see how Boon Hee would respond and low-key? Boon Hee annoyed me when she kept asking him what the gift was. Take the gift woman!! Just take it and smile nicely! Hehehe.

Logan: I loved the ‘oppa’ moment and the moment where he gave her a gift. They’re just so adorable. Even the fact that she told him that she almost forgot he’s a star. To me, that was so cute because it means she just sees him as a human she likes. The fact that he is a celebrity (fallen or not) has no affect on her opinion of him. No, Amy, you’re not the only one hoping Yeol is still alive. Actually, as time goes on in this drama it seems almost more likely to me. Why haven’t they found his body? Why don’t they ever list his name when they list the people who’ve died? And as you mentioned a few weeks ago they made that comment before he “died” about how he could never die. Too suspicious. I just can’t believe that he’s actually dead.

Amy: That is why I’m holding out hope that he is still alive. Maybe when CEO Jang and Tae Ho are making their moves in the next episodes he’ll appear and bring it all to an end. That would be awesome.

Akua: These episodes were so heart-warming. We didn’t get as much cutesy silly Joon Oh/Bong Hee moments but we got that amazing scene when CEO Hwang wakes up and finds himself surrounded by “the kids”? When he sees Joon Oh and starts crying? Yeah, yup, I had to reach for the Kleenex. To see them all together as a family, after months of intense emotion, murders, attempted murders, criminal investigations, deceit and everything else horrible?? I mean that just did my lil ole heart a whole lotta good, especially when we see how much of a leader Joon Oh has become! They’ve all matured so nicely. So Yeol HAS to come back! He just has to!

Logan: Having CEO Hwang wake up, felt like the biggest beacon of hope we’ve had yet for me because it brought everyone back together with more solidarity And Secretary/CEO Tae finally came back into the loop. I felt bad for him after last week. I’m glad he was able to get over his guilt enough to not let it stop him from reuniting with the gang. At the same time, I actually like that Joon Oh didn’t give him a blanket forgiveness- it’s going to take some time to recover from betrayal like that, but they’re going to work through it and that’s important. He also redeemed himself in my book by the intense way that he defended CEO Hwang with his life. He almost was too late, but it’s thanks to him alone that CEO Hwang is still alive.

Amy: The whole scene with CEO Hwang waking up really got me. I was so, so happy. I was also so proud of CEO Tae when he didn’t let the bad guy kill CEO Hwang. I was afraid he would roll up into a ball after getting hit a few times and let it happen. Good job, CEO Tae! Joon Oh’s spy really pulled through in these episodes too. He seems like a bumbling idiot but he got his job done and did what he had to do! I also thought it was cute and funny when he kept falling asleep. They keep that man too busy! It was also adorable when Bong Hee was trying to stop him from resting his head on her.

Akua: What I really enjoyed about these episodes was that everyone showed their leadership skills. Joon Oh is calling the shots to trick Tae Ho. Ki Joon is stepping up to Ji Ah’s mom and finally talking to Ji Ah about what happened with her brother. Ji Ah is being honest with Ki Joon to comfort him as he deals with his super guilty conscience. Prosecutor Yoon finally sees the reality of his sister’s tragic life. Even CEO Tae fought CEO Jang’s murderous henchman! Did you see how he fought him like a tiger?? Everyone stepped up. Everyone started doing the right thing. Everyone pulled together like a true family. Just as Tae Ho and CEO Jang are falling apart. I mean ladies, even Investigator Oh stepped up to the plate when Chairwoman/Congresswoman/Charlatan Jo didn’t want to do the right thing!!

Logan: I agree, Akua, it was really nice to see everyone remind me of why I started to like these characters in the first place. Their actions really set them apart from the likes of Tae Ho. One of my favorite moments from this week was when Ki Joon sat Ji Ah down to come clean with her and then afterwards, after realizing how cold it was, Ji Ah took off her coat and put it around Ki Joon’s shoulders before leaving. I was so proud of her. I’ve liked her as a character from the start, but that small act said a lot about her character to me. Why should the man always be the one to give the girl his coat? If someone you love is cold, you give them your coat. Ji Ah is seriously one of the coolest character.

Amy: Ji Ah really is a cool character. I like it when a female character isn’t afraid to speak up and do for herself. She doesn’t act like she needs to rely on a man for anything and she has her own thoughts. It’s refreshing. I was so proud of Joon Oh and his plan too. I was thinking they were relying on that cell phone too much when they could just transfer the evidence somewhere else so when it was revealed that they did just that and trapped Tae Ho I was like a proud mama. Ki Joon and Joon Oh telling Ji Ah not to do anything was pretty funny too.

Akua: The explanations scene where they divvy up the roles and Ji Ah doesn’t get to do anything is amusing! There were some touch and go moments - CEO Jang attacked Tae Ho, when henchman pulled out that hypodermic needle, Ki Joon ran over the phone - but I like how there wasn’t anything cliched in these two episodes! It’s a natural maturation of our heroes and devolution of our villains. CEO Jang tho? He’s a work of art! Wow!

Logan: It was funny when they told Ji Ah not to do anything - especially everyone agreed that would be a tough task to do. Haha. Yeah, in this digital age it only makes sense that they would get the recording off the phone. I’m glad they were fooling us along with Tae Ho the whole time, I’m not even mad about it. Lol

Amy: Joon Oh has always liked to mess with people so I guess that hobby is coming in handy with him tricking Tae Ho and CEO Jang. I really can’t wait for next week so that I can see what happens. Be happy, everyone! Please!

Akua: I can’t wait to see how everything comes together next week - which by the way sniff sniff - will be our last week ladies!!!! What are we predicting will happen? Who has a crystal ball? What say you ladies? Whoever gets the most right gets a big bag of Korean snacks like what Joon Oh is ALWAYS eating!

Logan: When I predict endings, I don’t like to be super-realistic but more pick what I hope will happen. With that being said, Yeol is most certainly going to show up alive and well. Tae Ho and CEO Jang will be imprisoned forever. CEO Hwang is gonna be just fine and will take control of Legend Entertainment again. Ki Joon and Ji Ah are probably going to get married as well as Bong Hee and Joon Oh. And Prosecutor Yoon will officiate both of their weddings. Definitely how it’s going to end. Haha.

Amy: Well, the way Tae Ho is looking I’m afraid he is going to die before he gets put in jail which would not be cool because I think he should go to jail to pay for his crimes. I’m just going to say how I want it to end so that I will be happy. Tae Ho and CEO Jang will go to jail for a very long time after their plans ultimately fail. CEO Hwang is going to get better, become CEO again, and keep CEO Tae as a CEO. Ki Joon will go back to medical school after Ji Ah’s encouragement and Ji Ah will get out from under her mom. Bong Hee will finally tell Joon Oh she loves him and they will get married and so will Ji Ah and Ki Joon. Prosecutor Yoon will get his old position back.

Akua: These all sound good guys. Hmm, well, CEO Jang and Tae Ho will get in a massive fight and maybe try to kill each other, or turn on each other. Prosecutor Yoon will be promoted to head a new department where he oversees unsolvable cases and say his final respects to his sister. His two buds will join him in their new digs. Inspector Oh will get a higher position than Chairwoman Jo. CEO Hwang will take his position back, making CEO Tae another CEO. Ki Joon will get CEO too but will just want to manage Ji Ah who will finally tell her mom off and marry Ki Joon. Joon Oh will get back into the entertainment business so he can take care of Boon Hee who will refuse to be an idol’s girlfriend but stay his stylist. That’s about it!

Logan: How will this drama tie itself up? We'll all have to wait until next week to find out. Hope to see you all back here then.

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Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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