Mystery drama Misty, starring Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee, has been enthralling viewers with a captivating and thrilling story line that is constantly three steps ahead of everyone, by deftly creating unexpected twists and turns nestled among layers of intrigue. The latest bombshell, as revealed in the most recent episode, is a shocking revelation. Since the drama will conclude this upcoming weekend, would you like to offer your theory about the culprit and what will happen next? (WARNING: Spoilers!)

(Spoiler Alert) - Stop here if you don't wish to know what's happened through episode 14.

Who killed Kevin Lee?

This question has been hanging over our leading lady, Go Hye Ran (Kim Nam Joo ), who is suspected of murdering her ex-boyfriend, from a long time ago. Although all signs given to the viewers so far seem to point to her innocence, fans were shocked by a stunning revelation at the end of the most recent episode (ep. 14) that the culprit may be Kang Tae Wook (Ji Jin Hee), the supportive husband who has steadfastly defended her despite their estranged relationship.

We have so many questions!

1. Did Kang Tae Wook kill Kevin Lee? It's in the back of our mind from an earlier episode where the husband saw the golfer enter Go Hye Ran's car. The drama hasn't followed up with what Tae Wook did that night. We only know that he saw the recorded steamy scene in the car and deleted it. Now, it seems that the drama is recalling that night's tragic event and pointing to the husband as a possible culprit. Is this why he has stoically supported his wife, knowing full well that she didn't commit the killing?

2. Did Ha Myung Woo kill Kevin Lee? The mystery boyfriend from high school will protect Go Hye Ran against anything or anyone in this world. He has been impressively played by musical actor Im Tae Kyung in his debut TV role. (Don't you love the slow motion whenever he appears? We definitely want to see more of him.) If anyone deliberately killed Kevin Lee to help remove the thorn in Hye Ran's side, it would be Myung Woo!

3. Maybe it's Go Hye Ran after all! Although she has been cleared of the murder charge in court, it's still possible that she played a role in Kevin Lee's death. Even though the fake witness was exposed for his ulterior motive, it doesn't mean that the famous news announcer is innocent.

4. Anyone else? What about Han Ji Won, the other news reporter who was actually the one having an affair with Kevin Lee? Could she have killed him because she fell in love with the golfer but he wouldn't leave his wife? Although she hasn't been the focus of the murder charges, she was the last one to call Kevin Lee.

What I don't want to see is a "deus ex machina" conclusion. The Greek term describes a convenient but sloppy technique that quickly resolves the plot, such as a brand-new character confessing his/her guilt. An example might be a loan shark suddenly is found to have killed Kevin Lee for an unpaid loan. That would be ridiculous.

So far the excellent drama has been outstanding, guiding us through the intrigue and making convincing arguments. I don't believe that the writer will come up with a sloppy conclusion, but it'd better be convincing.

Regardless of the theories, I think the number-one request from fans is a happy ending for Hye Ran and Tae Wook.

Will we get our wish?

Friday can't come soon enough for me to start watching the grand finale. How about you?

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