Kim Nam Joo gracefully covered the May issue of Grazia. The actress, who played South Korea’s top anchor in Misty, talked about her beauty, style, and substance with the magazine. “The styles and roles I create aren’t accidental or natural. I created them through deliberate preparations and practices,” the girl crush actress told Grazia.

The Misty actress showcased a series of looks, including conservative office wear, sexy work outfits, and off-duty looks. She rocked a new hairdo, curlier that the one we saw in Misty. She chose Daks handbags as her accessories, and two makeup looks: An all-about-bare-skin nude look and a bold red lip look.

Her Grazia looks are a refined version of Go Hye Ran, her character in Misty. Nam Joo had said in an interview that she planned to incorporate a lot of items from her personal wardrobe, which she’s carefully cultivated for decades, in Misty. How do you think her style in Misty compares to these looks? The full piece, including the photos and interview with the actress, will be available in the May issue of Grazia, which comes out tomorrow.

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