A new idol group in China is getting some international exposure, but not for all the right reasons. Mini Girls, from the Henan province in central China, is made up of five little girls, none of them even six years old. Despite reassurances from their manager that he isn't breaking any child labor laws, netizens from China and around the world are voicing their concerns with girls so young forming an idol group that is also marketed towards adults. 

Zhu Jun Yao, Zhangqi Han, Yan Yu Xi, Li Yi Le and Xiao Zi Yan were all scouted at one of their preschool dance classes by Cai Shuang, who works for The China Children's Model Association. According to Huang, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he's trying to do with these girls. The dance routines are jazz-incorporated, and the girls, he claims, are having fun performing. That may all be true, but what's left an impression on many who have seen Mini Girls in television appearances and photo shoots is that they are simply too young to be dressing the way they are, and definitely not even close to being of makeup-wearing age. It's one thing to have fun singing and dancing, but a whole different ballgame when you're molded into becoming an idol when you're not even in 1st grade. Sure, the girls might love it, but they really don't have any idea what they're being a part of. 

Of course, it's also the fault of their parents, and they are the ones who are ultimately responsible. Maybe it's not a big deal, but somehow, it just seems a little strange to see children so young being all made up, dressed up, performing and posing in front of a camera or audience, all for the sake of some shady adults trying to make a little money for themselves.

What do you think?

Mini Girls