You'll never know unless you try. That seems to be the case with what people are finding out in Japan about mixing plum wine and milk. Sounds disgusting, but it's apparently delicious.

Plum wine, known in Japan as Umeshu, is a popular, sweet and sour alcoholic liqueur, enjoyed mostly by women, but by men as well. Made by steeping unripe plums in shochu and sugar, this alcoholic beverage has an alcohol content of around 10 - 15%. It is enjoyed straight up, on the rocks, mixed with water(hot or cold) or soda. That is what it's normally mixed with. But these days, many are posting online their love for plum wine mixed with milk. Yes, you read that correctly. Mixing milk into the sweet&sour plum wine sounds like a bad idea, but it's actually turning out to be a great one.

"I couldn't believe how delicious it was!" wrote a commenter on the internet. Another one wrote, "This is all I've been drinking!" Not only does adding milk give it a unique, mild flavor, it gives the plum wine a yogurt-like texture. Mixing the two makes for one healthy drink, too. The citric acid in the wine is good for you on its own, but adding milk allows it to absorb the calcium, giving you a health drink that makes you a little tipsy.

When making this cocktail, it's important to stir right away, otherwise the milk will settle and somewhat solidify. The recipe is simple, something you can try tomorrow if you want, as plum wines are available now in many liquor stores and Asian supermarkets in America. And of course, you're free to add to your drink whatever else you want. Who knows? You may just make yourself your new favorite cocktail.

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Plum wine, orange juice and milk: