Winter is coming, and everyone in Japan is bracing for another brutal few months of some very cold weather. But if you happen to be in Japan and you own a cell phone, your phone charger will make sure you stay warm...and, of course, that your phone will be charged.

Japan is the birthplace of the Kairo, a heating material that is made exactly like a rosin bag in baseball (for those of you who know what that is), a little warming pad that heats up when you rub it, providing you with warmth when you step out into the bitter cold. But because now you have to carry around a cell phone, the Kairo can be extra baggage, especially if you're too stylish to be carrying some mini heat bag with you.

But not to worry. A Japanese electronics company just developed a cell phone charger than can double as a Kairo, sure to warm you up no matter how cold it gets. Good for one whole complete charge (before a recharge), this charger will heat up to a few different levels of heat so that you can hold it in your hands to keep you warm, all the while charging your dead phone. This charger can warm you in two different intensities, one at 42 degrees Celsius and the other at 47 degrees. However cold it is, your charger will give you comfort, able to last for 2.5 hours without interruption. If that's not killing two birds with one stone, I don't know what is.

Available from Sanko for only 2980 yen, or about 30 dollars. Things in Japan are always SO convenient.

Warms up in 3 to 5 minutes, 2 modes, can be used 500 times, lasts 2.5 hours!

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Can charge iPads and iPhone 6!