If only I lived in Kyoto....Besides the historic temples, the modern city, and the delicious food, Kyoto has something that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. An original, relaxing, and amazing foot bath cafe!!

Forget Starbucks or whichever coffee house lures customers with free wi-fi, cats, owls, free comics and internet, whatever! Kyoto Shabonya, located in downtown Kyoto, is without a doubt a cafe with the most relaxed atmosphere in the world. Under all the beautiful wooden tables are hot foot baths made with natural hot spring water. You sit down, order the highest quality teas or coffee, soak your feet, and enjoy the peace. Just imagining sipping on green tea while sitting in this serene, beautiful cafe makes me want to make the trip to Kyoto just to visit this establishment. This has to be the coolest cafe in the world, in my humble green tea loving, hot Japanese bath craving opinion. The price is 1000 yen, about 8 dollars, for 20 minutes of the foot bath, one drink, and an original washcloth. The 20-minute limit is for no other reason than the fact that your feet will get all wrinkly if soaked in hot water too long.

For those of who have a hygiene concern, the Japanese are known to be pretty much obsessed with cleanliness, and the cafe and foot baths are constantly cleaned, so no worries there.

Simply amazing.


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Definitely don't have this at Starbucks

Cold tea, warm feet