Ideas for modern technology sometimes comes from the least expected places. But it still comes as a surprise when you learn that origami inspired the designs of these modern marvels.

Origami has been around in Japan since the 6th century, brought over by Buddhist monks from China. Since then, it's evolved into an art form, with intricately folded paper being transformed into any number of things for the sake of aesthetics.

Recently, researchers and scientists who appreciate the minute details of the art form have used the concepts of origami into their work. A few examples of this include specialized ultra-thin and sturdy cans in Japan used for coffee and soups, satellites and robotics.

The countless ways the paper can be folded in origami at specific angles to create any shape are now behind the most advanced technologies of certain fields. NASA is apparently using some origami physics in designing next generation rockets and solar panels.

In the future, the fundamentals of origami may be used in creating medical implants, folding phones, or even houses. All this crazy technology is directly related to paper cranes made 1000 years ago.

It's true what they say. Everything evolves.

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