Running Man Kang Gary hugged his love Song Ji Hyo, who was sitting on his lap. Read more to find out why they posed so endearingly and what Song Ji Hyo’s agency had to say about the photo!

Running Man members and staff had an after party in celebration of the end-of-the-year SBS Awards Festival. The Running Man Monday Couple Facebook fan page shared their photo from after party on Tuesday. Song Ji Hyo in pink and Gary in his snapback were sitting in the middle of the crowd. She had her left arm wrapped around Gary’s neck, and he had his arms tight around her waist, making the Monday Couple fans wonder if they actually started dating.

Monday Couple has always been flirtatious, yet never officially admitted their relationship, as seen in a recent interview where they discussed romance.

Watch an episode of Running Man with the endearing Monday Couple here: 

A few days after the photo went viral, Song Ji Hyo’s agency explained the photo saying, “The picture is one of the many pictures the Running Man crew took that day” and stressed that “The two are really good friends.” Monday Couple fans, do you think they are really good friends, or something more than just friends?