Running Man’s PD elaborated on Song Ji Hyo’s true feelings about Gary leaving the show, behind the scenes of Gary’s last Running Man episode, and more. If you’ve seen Gary's last episode, you’ll know that Song Ji Hyo ended up crying. “Song Ji Hyo, who teared up a bit in the episode, cried heavily at the afterparty, where there were no cameras," PD Jung said in an interview. "Like she said in her letter to Gary, Song Ji Hyo has been very sad since she’d heard of Gary's departure, and other cast members were sad about it too."

In Gary’s last episode, Song Ji Hyo, who has publicly rooted for Gary’s decision to focus on music, shed tears. Near the end of the episode, Kim Jong Kook teased her, saying, “Ji Hyo will look for another guy starting next week.” Gary followed suit, saying, “I’m disappointed she’s not crying, because I thought she would.” At Gary’s words, Ji Hyo cried and said, “Oppa, I’ll root for you.”

It's evident that Gary wanted to remain strong in his last episode. Speaking of the scene where Gary reads letters from the cast, PD Jung said, “Gary didn’t want to show himself cry. He said he wanted to be alone crying and reading the letters, because he felt he shouldn’t cry (in the show).”

In her letter for Gary, Song Ji Hyo said, “When I heard you were leaving, I was so shocked that I was out of my mind for days. Naturally I believed that we'd be together until the end, whenever that would be. I was angry and I cried, but then I realized how hard you must’d been to arrive to that decision. I'd be sad and lonely that you're not here after seven years together, but I'll stay strong and cheerful. Come back whenever you miss us. No one can replace seven years of Gary, and we'll keep your seat empty.”

PD Jung added it’d be hard to let go of Gary for everyone in Running Man. “Gary asked, ‘What if I want to join Running Man again?’ and I said, ‘Tell me whenever you want to.’ It’d be hard for him to cut the ties at once because he’s been with us for seven years," PD Jung said. 

During the seven years of Monday Couple, Song Ji Hyo and Gary shared so much happy memories together, like honeymoon to Dubai, Pepero kisses, and more. 

Goodbye, Gary! We hope to check out your new song soon. You will be missed!

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