Kayabuki-monkey-waiters2-550x412 A sake house in Japan has taken evolution a step further by hiring monkeys as waiters! At a restaurant in Kayabuki, North of Tokyo, the restaurant's owners strap masks on their monkeys Yat-chan and Fuku-chan in an attempt to make them look human. Yat-chan is the older of the two, and he takes drink orders. Fuku-chan is responsible for giving out hot towels, and he helps the customers clean their hands before they order drinks. A customer even commented that the monkeys were better servers than "some really bad human ones." Customers say Yat-chan is able to understand exact orders and remember them. Japanese animal rights law permits the monkeys to work only two hours a day at the restaurant. The monkeys were originally house pets of the owner but when Yat-chan started imitating him in his restaurant duties, he decided to give his monkeys a chance to serve at the sake house. How are they tipped for their service? In soya beans of course! Would you want a monkey to serve you sake? (Source: www.odditycentral.com)