Revenge saga Monster has ended with a final showdown. Throughout the drama's impressive twists and turns, there are also many gems of hilarity that serve hearty comic relief. Here is one example where Madam Do decides to give her hated husband, Chairman Do, a new taste of her power. It's so funny that you probably don't want to be eating or drinking while you watch the clips.

SPOILER ALERT: I'll discuss the funny moments from episode 48, as well as the background on the adversarial couple. 

In episode 48, Madam Do decides to change the way she treats her estranged husband, Chairman Do of the Do Do Group, who is paralyzed and cannot speak.

It's particularly hilarious because she previously tried to murder her husband but failed. As a result, she and her conniving son were kicked out of their mansion. However, before the divorce could be finalized, Chairman Do got sick, and Madam Do is back in charge. 

I should further clarify that neither one of the Do couple is a "good guy" among the cast of numerous calculating, scheming, and even murderous characters. In other words, she is taking advantage when he is down, but he has committed plenty of unethical and illegal acts himself. You can be sure that he would pay her doubly back if he recovers.

In the following clip, Madam Do is feeding Chairman Do. As you'll see, he is rather scared of her, not sure of what she is making him eat or what she has in mind. 

Although Chairman Do cannot talk, you can hear what he is thinking with a voice-over narration. The accompanying music adds even more fun.

The mirth continues in the second video, where Madam Do will sing for Chairman Do. 

She claims music is good therapy, but he thinks otherwise.

Do you agree with Chairman Do's fears?

Another priceless moment is when Madam Do picks up the shaving blade to shave Chairman Do, while he silently screams that he doesn't have any facial hair. That dramatic scene is in episode 49. 

Please give a hand of applause to veteran actors Park Young Kyu and Kim Bo Yun who play the Do couple. Wouldn't you love to see some NG outtakes from their scenes together?

The Monster series has concluded with a satisfying ending. I can assure you that it is safe to watch, if you've been waiting on the sideline to avoid a sad ending.

Check it out:

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