Chen Bolin is really hot right now. In addition to wooing Song Ji Hyo, he also shows up in Monster, the newest revenge thriller on DramaFever. In his extended cameo, he manages to seduce Sung Yu Ri in a tango and shake up Kang Ji Hwan. How does he do it?

SPOILER ALERT: Yes, we love Chen Bolin, and we will be discussing details of the drama. If you haven't started the drama yet, you can visit FIRST LOOK to check out the synopsis and trailer, or check out his sizzling photos with Song Ji Hyo.

Some cameos are just a quick appearance, but in Chen Bolin's case in Monster, he plays a handsome and dangerous man who emerges from the underworld, instantly grabbing our attention and threatening to outshine the regular leading cast. (Sorry, Kang Ji Hwan. I still love you from Lie to Me.)

If you are a Chen Bolin fan, then this is a fantastic gift, because his role lasts from episode 6 through episode 8. It's like a nice long date with him, right?

To enjoy this segment, here's a little background first.

Kang Ji Hwan's character is taking on the big, bad, evil corporation whose leaders he suspects of causing his parents' death. He is also looking for his long-lost first love, a girl who befriended him after he was blinded in a car accident. Unfortunately, they were forcibly separated by the same evil enemies in a tragic incident.

Ten years later, he returns under an assumed identity, Kang Ki Tan. He applies to work for the same big corporation, but first he has to compete with other interns to get the position he wants. Unbeknownst to him, his first love is alive and is also using a fake identity. 

This means, you guessed it—they do not recognize each other when they meet! 

And, by the way, he has regained his eyesight and cannot recognize her even when she stands right in front of him.

With me so far? 

Don't worry. Even if you're lost, let's look at this fun video next.

The interns are assigned to an undercover operation to spy on Chen Bolin

Sung Yu Ri dresses up to entice Chen, but she overdoes her makeup and picks an eyesore of a dress.

Watch what Kang Ki Tan (Kang Ji Hwan) does to remake Oh Soo Yeon (Sung Yu Ri) into a femme fatale:

Wasn't that hilarious?

Next, we see her dance a seductive tango with the dangerously handsome Chen Bolin. 

Remember, he plays Michael Chang, a ruthless criminal who is experienced with women.

But he is also quite taken with Sung Yu Ri, whose fumbling inexperience actually makes her interesting to him.

Take a look at their "game" when they dance the tango:

As much as I love Chen Bolin, I'd be scared by Michael Chang's invitation to his room too!

What will she do?

And this is just the first part of Chen Bolin's cameo. There's much more to come.

Are you enjoying Monster? Do you think Chen Bolin outshines Kang Ji Hwan?

 ~ NancyZdramaland

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