From the Queen’s Vantage Point:

There’s someone that will always be welcomed on the Kdrama list as a top draw from the Queen’s vantage point and that person is Moon Eric. Really, can you see him enough?  He is good looking, sweet talking, and suave.  More than that, he is the bad boy of bad boys.  When he first surfaces in Super Rookie, he is a playboy by night and lazy, devil may care by day. Then an accident lands him an opportunity to work for a prestigious company as a rookie salesman.  Kang Ho, (Moon) neither wants this job nor understands how he was chosen. At first he really does not care that he has been chosen, but one thing about Moon’s character is he loves a challenge and no one tells him what he cannot do!  In the end, that accidental hire becomes a Godsend to the company, and the pride of his neighborhood.  But that is just one aspect of Moon.
When we see him later as Kang Tae Joo in Que Sera Sera, we meet the angry, uncool Moon who only wants to have his way.  He starts out by becoming the kept man of  Yoon Ji Hye portrayed with all the coyness of a cat by Cha Hye Lin.  Everything is fine until he meets Han Eun Soo portrayed by Jung Yoo Mi.  Ji Hye’s brother, Shin Kyu Han (Shin Joon Hyul of Smile, You) seems to have the only cool personality in the whole series. You really end up feeling sorry for him.  When Ji Hye suggests that they live together (bad idea) and everything goes along with this, it is not surprise when everything goes downhill from there.  This was the Queen’s first glimpse of Moon as a rough lover.  In episode nine when Tae Joo breaks into the room of Eun Soo, and practically rapes her catches the viewer is caught off guard.  But then, that kiss in the rain that she plants on him later really rocks you to the core, too.  Practically all through this picture Moon is a renegade.  Then, he realizes that he truly loves Eun Soo but finally it looks like the realization has come too late.  He says goodbye to Sugar Momma, Ji Hye, and returns to his own apartment to take whatever life has to give him. He is surprised and happy to find Eun Soo on his doorstep sleeping.  It really makes one wish to follow the story to see if this time they get it right.
In the sleeper hit of the season, Spy Myung Wol, we find Moon again, as Kang Woo, and this time he is portraying the hottest actor in South Korea.  He is handsome.  He is successful.  And he is rude to the one woman who is willing to give him her all.  Although her grandfather does not like him, for reasons of his own, Joo In Ah (Jung Hae Jin) wants the mysterious Kang Woo as her own. They dated for a while, and it angered her grandfather, played with finesse by Lee Duk Hwa.  Chairman Jo, portrayed by Duk Hwa,  has his reasons but he dare not share them with his spoiled granddaughter who does not even realize that Grandpa is a mobster.  In Ah is used to getting whatever she wants and she wants Kang Woo.  She loses this fight from the minutes Kang Woo sees and falls for Myung Wol.  Even when he cannot understand her or even figure out who she really is he is so smitten, he cannot help himself for wanting her.  In episode 13, after a night of drunkedness, Kang Wol strikes!  It was so hard to bear that he forces her to prove her love to him by making love to him.  She does although she is trying hard to remain loyal to the assignment that she has as a spy.  She is in love and what are the choices?  The man she loves or the country she serves?  Finally, she decides to run away and return to her country to save Kang Woo’s life.  It does not work, he finds her and follows her.  It all ends well after all.  Well, almost, from the Queen’s vantage point, I felt that In Ah and Choi  Ryu (Lee Jin Wook) should have been given a chance to start a romance.
What I cannot understand is why Spy Myung Wol got such low ratings?  When I watched it, I was on pins and needles just waiting for the new episodes each and every week.  When the conflict occurred with the actress, Han Ye Seul, who by the way from the Queen’s vantage point, was the perfect Myung Wol, it made it even harder to wait to see.  I thought that this was the best of Moon’s work and that is saying a lot!  Please return soon, Eric, Kdrama needs you on board!  Yes, he has portrays a tough lover but that may be because his characters really love hard!
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