After months of declining various casting offers, Moon Geun Young has officially confirmed her next drama project as SBS mystery thriller The Village. Joining her will be actor Kim Jae Wook, most likely in a second lead role.

These casting confirmations come as great news to fans who have been waiting impatiently for both actors to return to dramaland. Moon Geun Young's last drama was the 2013 series Goddess of Fire, and, although Kim Jae Wook had a role last year in Inspiring Generation, he abruptly left the series after only 8 episodes. Before that, you may recall that he played the second male lead in Who Are You, but that hardly counts since his ghost character didn't actually talk — at all.

The Village: Achiara's Secret (working title) will portray a small, quiet village with very little crime. When an unidentified corpse is uncovered, peaceful village life is turned upside down as an investigation ensues to discover who the body is, how she died, and why no one was looking for her.

Moon Geun Young will headline the drama as a language teacher who tries to discover the secret behind the corpse. Kim Jae Wook plays an art teacher whose handsome looks make him popular with female students. So far, it sounds like his will be a second lead role (Again? Whyyyyyyy?), as the original plot descriptions indicated that the male lead would be a police officer. It's worth noting that this isn't just Kim Jae Wook playing a second lead again; it's Kim Jae Wook playing second lead to Moon Geun Young again (the first time being Mary Stayed out All Night).

The cast for this series is shaping up nicely! We already had confirmations from Shin Eun Kyung and Jang Hee Jin for their roles as the respective wife and mistress of the richest man in town. 

Lee Yul Eum (Divorce Lawyer in Love) also confirmed her role in the series as a high schooler who lives a carefree life on the outside but harbors pain from her difficult family life. Child actress Ahn Seo Hyun (Suzy's little sister in Dream High) will play a middle schooler who teams up with Moon Geun Young for the investigation. At a young age, she earned a reputation for having supernatural abilities.

The Village comes from writer Do Hyun Jung (Que Sera, Sera and Can Love Become Money) and PD Lee Yong Suk (Iljimae, The Great Seer). It is set to premiere on SBS following the conclusion of Yong Pal in October.

What do you think of all this casting news? Who would you like to see as the police officer male lead? Do you secretly wish they would just cut the character and let Kim Jae Wook play the lead for once? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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