Moon Geun Young is considering her first drama role since 2013 in the upcoming SBS melodrama Chaebol's Daughter, and Kill Me, Heal Me's Park Seo Joon is in talks to play her leading man.

If Moon accepts the role, she would play...a chaebol's daughter (in case you missed that from the drama's title). She hides her identity and works part time at a food market in hopes of finding someone who loves her for who she is instead of loving her for money. Park Seo Joon is in talks for the role of a cynical man who believes love is a tool that the rich use to control others.'s basically Cheongdamdong Alice all over again, except Moon Geun Young gets to be the undercover rich kid in love instead of the poor cynic?

Moon Geun Young's last drama was Goddess of Fire in 2013, and I would love to see her on the small screen again. Park Seo Joon has been a rising star with his last few roles, including his adorable noona killer in last year's Witch's Romance and his part as the twin brother on Kill Me, Heal Me. He previously worked with the writer of Chaebol's Daughter on the melodrama One Warm Word.

What do you think of this pairing? although Moon Geun Young is a longtime K-drama veteran, she and Park only have a year age gap, and Park Seo Joon has definitely shown promise in his roles. It was only a matter of time before he started getting leading offers on the big networks!

To see Moon Geun Young play the role of a jaded young woman who falls for a rich young man, check out Cheongdamdong Alice: