Actress Moon Geun Young of Cheongdamdong Alice and The Painter of the Wind-fame has been discharged from the hospital, and reportedly, her “condition has improved greatly” after undergoing her fourth surgery for acute compartment syndrome, according to her agency Namoo Actors on March 3.

The update from her agency reads: “Moon Geun Young has completed her fourth surgical procedure and as her condition has improved greatly, she has been granted permission to be discharged from the hospital. However, she will require continued treatment and rest until she is fully healed, having gone through multiple strenuous surgical procedures. She will be resting and receiving treatment for the time being. We would like to thank everyone who has expressed their worries and sympathies for her. She hopes to greet you all again in full health in the near future.”

On February 1, the actress complained of sudden pain in her right arm, prompting her to visit the hospital the following morning. During her visit, doctors found she had acute compartment syndrome. Due to the severity of the diagnosis, she immediately received emergency surgery. More surgeries then followed with a second operation on February 3, and a third operation on February 4.

According to WebMD, “acute compartment syndrome is the most common type of compartment syndrome.” The syndrome itself: “occurs when excessive pressure builds up inside an enclosed muscle space in the body. Compartment syndrome usually results from bleeding or swelling after an injury. The dangerously high pressure in compartment syndrome impedes the flow ofbloodto and from the affected tissues. It can be an emergency, requiring surgery to prevent permanent injury.”

The actress was in the middle of domestic touring with the theater production of Romeo and Juliet, acting as Juliet, when her health condition came about. After undergoing the first surgery, her agency confirmed that her upcoming appearances in the show were canceled. More stage appearances were canceled following the additional surgeries. Her agency said that she wished to appear on stage, but with everyone including the stage production’s understanding, health comes first.

We wish Moon Geun Young a quick and full recovery!

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Photo cr: Romeo and Juliet via Namoo Actors


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