Moon Geun Young -- who is currently starring as Jung Yi in the K-drama Jung Yi: Goddess of Fire -- recently shared a selca of herself. Her face looks extremely clear -- and don't you just love her eyebrows? They're thick but shaped nicely, and she has enough eyelid space between her brow and eye lashes that they don't look heavy and overpowering. Have you ever seen someone with thick brows and little space between their brows and eyelashes? It's like too much, and makes their eyes look dark and sunken in; but not Moon Geun Young! She looks awesome and she never ever ages.

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Jung Yi: Goddess of Fire is currently airing and also stars actor Kim Bum. If you've seen Moon Geun Young's drama The Painter of the Wind then you will love this drama. Like The Painter of the Wind it takes place during the Joseon period and the storyline is also centered around Moon Geun Young's character as an artist. Instead of painting, this time she's a talented potter and porcelain artist out to become the first female in the field.

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What's really awesome about this drama is how it shows Moon Geun Young's acting talent. In Jung Yi: Goddess of Fire she has to dress as male once again in order to perfect her craft and learn at the royal school, just as she did in The Painter of The Wind. However, in Painter we met her character as a male so she played the role of a male perfectly. There were moments I totally forgot she was a girl; in Goddess she is a girl pretending to be a boy and her character is still acting like a girl. The drama may not be available on DF at the moment but I've been watching it on Hulu!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE