Filming has officially begun for Moon Lovers, the upcoming Bu Bu Jing Xin remake that is generating buzz with its large, talented cast. We already saw photos from the first script reading, and now some fans snapped some behind-the-scenes photos of the cast members decked out in historical costumes!

These photos aren't official series stills; rather, they're fan photos from the drama's prayer ceremony. Something tells me the fan who caught the photos is an EXO-L because all of the closeups involve Baekhyun!

If you're having trouble identifying who's who in the photos, we have Baekhyun in turquoise, Ji Soo in hot pink, and Kang Ha Neul in maroon. If I had to wager a guess, I would say that's Nam Joo Hyuk towering over Baekhyun in dark blue, then Lee Joon Ki and Hong Jong Hyun on the far side in orange and purple, though it's hard to see which is which. For the actresses, IU is likely the shortest one in the middle, while Seohyun is one of the taller two.

Moon Lovers (also called Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) will be pre-produced before airing later this year. NBCUniversal and YG Entertainment are both investing in the drama, the first time either company will produce a Korean drama.

Are you excited for this series? While these may not be the final costumes, who do you think looks best in historical garb? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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