Kim Yoo Jung, the adorable young leading lady who stars in the wildly popular historical romance drama, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, will be holding her first overseas fan meet in a foreign country. Scroll down for more details!

Many Korean stars go to Taiwan for their first fan meet or to embark on an Asia tour. Kim Yoo Jung's first overseas fan meet will take place in Taipei next year on February 4, right after Chinese New Year's. As many people will get time off for the traditional holiday, the turnout for the fan meet is expected to be high.

As it will be the young leading star's first-ever overseas fan meet, the event is aptly named: "Kim Yoo Jung's First Memory". It wil be held on February 4, at the ATT Show Box venue in Taipei's trendiest district.

Tickets go on sale starting December 17. Prices range from NT$3800, 2800 and 1800, or about US$118, 87 and 56.

There is no word on whether her handsome co-star, Park Bo Gum, will show up at her fan meet. But, never say never, there can always be a surprise! 


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

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