Wow! What an introduction to the people at Moorim School! We're all intrigued and excited to talk about it so join Logan, Ahjummah, and Amy as we discuss what is and the possibilities at Moorim!

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Amy: So who else thinks that we could have used a couple more shirtless scenes? Just me? I highly doubt that. Sorry guys. I had to get that out of the way. The pervert came out with all of the shirtless scenes. Shirtless scenes aside, I am very excited for Moorim School. The cast is diverse and I’m loving our female lead, Soon Duk.


Logan: Haha. There was soooo many shirtless scenes. I guess there’s something for everyone in this drama, right? But really what’s not to love about this drama so far? I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but I was really blown away by how phenomenal the first two episodes were. The diverse cast was so unexpected and refreshing.

Ajummah: I am really enjoying the female lead at this moment. She really doesn’t take any guff from the lead male or anyone else, lol. There are so many interesting moments in the first two episodes that I have to get myself together. Ajummah needs to write stuff down, lol.

Can we talk about Lee Hyun Woo’s character? Why in the world is he such a…. not nice character? I was going to curse but I promised myself to be a better person in 2016.

Amy: Well, it looks like Shi Woo has some trust issues because of his childhood. It doesn’t look like he has had such an easy life. Not that that is a reason for a person to be a jerk but I kind of get where he is coming from. He was an orphan and a record label CEO took him in saying he would be Shi Woo’s dad only to abandon him at the first sign of trouble. Not cool. The Kpop idol life is hard too. People always wanting to take advantage of you and backstab you. Shi Woo probably feels like he has to be bad to defend himself.


Logan: Shi Woo and Chi Ang are both pretty tragic characters actually. At first they both seem like the typical arrogant spoiled jerk, but they have these really intense backstories. It was heartbreaking seeing how betrayed Shi Woo felt at the CEO’s rejection, but the thing that really pulled at my heartstrings was when Chi Ang thought he was being kidnapped. He mentioned a couple times that he’d been kidnapped more than once. If that’s not bad enough, his own father essentially kidnapped him as well without telling him what was going on first. I mean, if your kid had been through that kind of trauma, would you recreate it? He’s not getting dad of the year in my books, that’s for sure.

Amy: I agree that it was not a good move on Dad’s part at all. I did, however, appreciate the humor that they mixed in with the kidnapping scene. Chi Ang seemed more frustrated by the kidnapping than phased by it asking his mom to send him money. I do feel for Chi Ang too, though, it must have been really hard on him to be separated from his mom.


Logan: It was a funny scene. It just made me think what kind of life has this kid been living that he’s okay with being kidnapped? You’re right, though, he’s actually pretty hysterical, The way he obsesses over Seoon Duk being the perfect example.

AjummahHongbin is playing the heck out of that character isn’t he? It took me a minute to realize that he was playing Chi Ang. I cringed during the kidnap scene. I wanted him to get away because I didn’t understand his background (still don’t but I’ll get to that) but the whole “oh I’ll throw myself into the sea even though I can’t swim” was a bit much. But maybe that was K-drama magic?

Also maybe someone can help me out. Wang Chi Ang was born out of wedlock, right? Does that mean his mother stepped out on the father? Or did they have him before they got married? I kept hearing it coming up so I was trying to figure that part out.

Amy: I’m pretty sure Chi Ang’s mom was a mistress. I’m not sure if his dad is still married and in a relationship with Chi Ang’s mom or not. I guess Chi Ang’s mom could have just had him out of wedlock too. We need more information. Speaking of needing more information, I want to know more about Soon Duk and her family. Why is her dad blind and who is the lady who lives with them? Also, why does it have to be a secret that she goes to Moorim? I really hate waiting for answers.

Logan: Right? There are so many unsolved mysteries right now. I’m wondering if we won’t see a step-mother come into the picture for Chi Ang. I’m hoping not, but it seemed like his mom was the mistress being that she was hidden away. This drama really sets the bar for making you curious about the characters’ backstory. I’m dying to know more about each one! I’m curious about Soon Duk of course and about Seon Ah and her dad, the dean. We only saw one scene between the two but he seems like he’s a big ol’ softie when she’s around. I want to see more interactions between them.


Ajummah: I thought that the baby in the beginning with the dean was Soon Duk, but now that I saw Seon Ah with her dad… maybe I was wrong? Like Amy said, I need more answers! *grr*

Also was I the only one that squealed when there were foreign actors? I love that they are beginning to incorporate people from other cultures that actually speak Korean, instead of the ones that say one or two lines of English for 5 seconds of screen time.


Amy: Yes! I was so excited to see such a diverse cast in a Kdrama and even more excited when they spoke Korean! I just want to sit down and get to know every character big and small. Another thing that made me super happy was that the girls were doing the rescuing for once! Not once but twice! It isn’t very often that we get to see that in a Kdrama!

Logan: The international cast makes me so happy and even more so because it’s not like they’re outsiders. They’re just as much a part of the school as anyone else. It’s funny because the only person who uses English in the drama is the Korean bully. The female leads in this drama are legendary already. They actually saved the guys three times if you count when Soon Duk stepped in with the thugs (which Shi Hoo doesn’t, but what does he know?) I idolize these girls. I want to be just like them.


Ajummah: Same. When they were using the staffs, I wanted to jump up and join them. But I knew better than that, lol. Also I am very interested in learning the backstory of the English speaking bully. “Why is he being mean?” That question kept circling my head during episode 2. The drama focused on him a lot so I wonder if he’ll have a bigger role in the upcoming episodes. I really am curious what story they are going to release in next week’s episodes.

Amy: I’m thinking the English speaking guy got bullied himself but it will definitely be interesting to learn more about him in the weeks to come. I’m really curious about the guy in the coma too. Who is he and how is he, Chi Ang’s dad, and Sun Woo all connected? There is something with Sun Woo’s necklace and the piece that Chi Ang’s dad has. What iiiiiiiisssss iiiiiiiit? Must know.

Logan: If nothing else, this drama is going to keep us intrigued for a while, although I don’t think that’s going to be a problem at all. Lol. Shi Woo’s backstory is definitely a big piece to the puzzle, I think. Whatever happened to his parents and his necklace, I feel like they’re significant. I just don’t know why yet. Lol. But I know I’m excited to find out more about these characters and this school. Is anyone else getting some Harry Potter vibes from this school? Because I definitely am.


Amy: Um. I have not read Harry Potter or watched the movies. I keep telling myself to but I don’t listen very well.

Logan: Really? Wow, you’re about as rare as a four-leaf clover. Lol. Well now if you ever watch it you’ll be thinking - “Hey, this reminds me of Moorim”. Haha.

Ajummah: Same! I also thought of Hogwarts when I saw Moorim. Amy, you gotta get on board, lol. Does anyone have any predictions for next week?

Amy: I’m thinking that Chi Ang’s Ariel will begin getting to know Shi Woo better which will result in jealousy and fights even if their relationship isn’t the flirtatious kind.

Logan: I think that one of the two, either Shi Woo or Chi Ang, is going to decide to leave (probably Shi Woo) and that Soon Duk will convince them to come back. No real basis for this prediction except for my gut Kdrama instinct.

What do you think, everyone? Will we get the answers to our questions next week or will we have to slowly get to know our characters? What is the connection between Shi Woo and Chi Ang? Who is the guy in the coma? What is the big deal about them taking down the force field? What will happen next week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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