Everyone wants the Chintamani, Chi Ang just wants everything, Seon Ah is dealing with her dads, and Shi Woo and Seon Ah are loving each other in the middle of it all. Come and discuss the Moorim School happenings with us!


Moorim School

Starring Lee Hyun Woo and Shin Hyun Joon

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Amy: I have mixed emotions this week. I like the way that everything is progressing and coming together and it is all so exciting but but but Moorim is ending next week! I can’t like that.

Logan: I am stressed out to tell you the truth. Things are so tense at Moorim and we only have two episodes to resolve them !?! Something big needs to happen. And those new professors? Ugh, I hate them! Amy, I know you won’t get the reference but to everyone else I say Dolores Umbridge anyone? That new professor is reminding me of the evil witch from Harry Potter.


Ajummah: As soon as the new martial arts teacher walked into the room, I knew she was trouble. (insert Taylor Swift song). I am so frustrated though because we are now down to the last 2 episodes and they are STILL bringing in new characters. Also Shi Woo and Seon Ah don’t know they’re related. I think by now they should know.

Amy: I agree that they should know they are related by now but I’m really impressed by how cohesive everything was in these two episodes. I was afraid everything would be a mess. That evil martial arts teacher, though, really? They’re just testing the kids to see who will help them when it all comes down to the wire. Stupid Chintamani. Why do people have to be so stinkin’ greedy for power?


Logan: Ajummah, I totally agree. That’s probably the most disappointing thing for me, the fact that Seon Ah and Shi Woo still don’t know they’re siblings and haven’t met their dad. That means that they only have so much time for the heartfelt reunion I’ve been hoping for. I was also disappointed that Yeob Jung chose the dark side. I thought that after last week, I could finally root for him. I’m hoping he’ll realize how the students at Moorim have always been there for him no matter what kind of a jerk he was and change his ways before it’s too late.

Ajummah: Yeob Jung Is enjoying this way too much. When he started clapping after the new professor was like “you’ll be fighting for your life from now on” I just rolled my eyes. I hope that there is still a chance for him though. Maybe a last minute thing.

What I want to know is what is going on with Chi Ang? All this angst can’t be because Seon Duk didn’t choose him, right? I don’t want him going over to the darkside but that’s where it seems like he’s headed.

Amy: I’m not sure if all of the angst is only because of Seon Duk’s rejection. I think that a lot of it has to do with his dad too. He wants to feel his dad’s love so he’ll do what he has to. Also, since Seon Duk rejected him he has more motivation to get the Chintamani because he thinks he’ll get whatever he wants after acquiring it. I think he finally gave up on being good when he threw Seon Duk’s butterfly necklace. It’s sad but I also have a feeling that the evil won’t last too long. At least I hope not.


Logan: I would be very shocked if Chi Ang doesn’t come to his senses by the end of the drama, but that being said he seems to be stubborn in his insistence on following his dad even after he knows about everything he’s done. I think the temptation of power and what he could do with the power is Chi Ang’s motivation. He knows that he could protect his mom and himself if he became heir and he’s not ready to give that up yet. I’d like to believe that he has some sort of plan to undermine his dad’s evil one, but with the short amount of time remaining that’s doubtful.

Ajummah: Chi Ang and Shi Woo will battle it out and then band together. That is my prediction. These last 2 episodes will have to be action packed in order for the story lines to be tied up nicely. I am going to need Dean Hwang to get back to the school and fight off these new professors and to bring back the Chimtami Key too. I was a bit surprised that he hadn’t made the connection that Seon Duk’s father had something to do with his past yet.

Amy: I’m not sure about Dean Hwang coming back. I have a bad feeling. I’m hoping Shi Woo’s dad will find out the truth and come back and set everything right if Dean Hwang can’t do it. Okay but you guys. Guys. Shi Woo and Soon Duk kissed. Like, really kissed AND it didn’t like it was only Soon Duk’s second kiss if you know what I’m saying. I think they snuck in some practice when we weren’t looking. Ha ha ha!


Logan: Haha. Yes, that kiss was fantastic! It’s nice to see a real kiss in a Kdrama. I love how well they get along and how sweet they are to each other. If the rest of Moorim is falling apart around them, their relationship is on solid ground and I think we deserve at least one solid thing at Moorim. But poor Seon Ah, that girl’s life is not on solid ground at all. Her earth has been shattered and it breaks my heart. I feel so bad for her.

Ajummah: I’m glad that she kissed him without her eyes being open and looking like a dead fish. There was much better chemistry. Speaking of chemistry… still nothing on the Seon Ah and Chi Ang love front. I thought they were going to get together but it looks like that ship has sailed. Chi Ang is only after getting the key and Seon Ah… well her life has been turned upside down.

Amy: I think you’re right about Seon Ah and Chi Ang, Ajummah, but I also think that we’ll get a little hint of interest on Chi Ang’s part in the last episode after he turns good again and joins forces with Shi Woo. At least that is what I have in my head. I am not looking forward to when Soon Duk finds out what her dad did to Shi Woo. I think that is going to cause a lot of unnecessary angst on her end.

Logan: I agree with you both and I think your prediction about Chi Ang and Seon Ah becoming interests at the very end will be spot on, Amy. After all their romance is a secondary relationship and second romances often come together in the last moments of Kdramas so while we have nothing on the romance front between them now I don’t want to extinguish my hope. I’m interested in if the old professors are going to be able to handle the new rules at the school. They clearly hate everything that’s going on, but if they left they’d be abandoning the kids. I wonder if they’ll enact some sort of plan to take their school back or just sit and wait for the dean.


Amy: I would not want to be in the professors’ position, that is for sure. I think that they’ll come up with something. They won’t stand for all of the bologna that is happening in the school right now but they have to go about it the right way so that they don’t get fired. I’m definitely looking forward to what next week will bring! Keep it up Moorim writers, staff, and actors!

What do you think? Will Chi Ang and Seon Ah get together? Will Shi Woo and Seon Ah ever find out that they're brother and sister? How will Shi Woo and Soon Duk's relationship stand up to what Soon Duk's dad did? Who will get the Chintamani? Let us know your thoughts!

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