Omo! Can you believe Moorim School is over? Welcome to our final edition of the Moorim School drama club everyone! There was a lot of drama, action, and happy tears packed into our last two episodes. Join Ajummah, Amy, and me as we bid farewell to Moorim.


Moorim School

Starring Lee Hyun Woo and Shin Hyun Joon

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Amy: I have so many mixed feelings right now! I’m happy with the way everything turned out but I’m so sad that it is over already! The writers did an excellent job though. I’ve never seen a drama that was cut short end so well. I guess we should start from the beginning of episode 15. Chi Ang was going to see his dad to find out what his dad really wanted and Shi Woo was looking for Soon Duk. I was hoping Shi Woo would find her first because I was nervous about what would happen if Chi Ang did but everything turned out well.

Logan: It was a relief to see that Chi Ang had a plan all along. It didn’t seem like him to put Soon Duk in danger, so I was surprised that he told his dad that she had the Chintamani. I guess he was pretty confident in both his ability to protect her and in the innate goodness of his dad- something that no one but his son could have believed. It makes it easy for me to forgive Chi Ang for all his jerky behavior after seeing that he never gave up on his father’s redemption. Even though I hated his father myself, I loved the representation of a child’s unconditional love for their parent.

Amy: Yes! It was so hard for me to watch Chi Ang with his dad because I could not see the goodness in Chi Ang’s dad at all. All I saw was a father using his son to gain more power. Chi Ang’s dad lied to him again and again. It was just painful to watch. I was so relieved when he jumped to save Chi Ang. Aaaaah. Yay, Dad! I was also very happy that Chi Ang’s dad was finally giving his mom a chance too. Just everything was so nice. Speaking of dads. I was so anxious for Seon Ah to give both of her dads a chance and so, so relieved when she did. I knew she would but that girl was in a fog for a long time.

Logan: I’m not ashamed to admit that I shed a few tears as Chi Ang was falling off the cliff. It was touching when his dad did reach for him and equally touching that Shi Woo was waiting at the bottom to save him. Chi Ang realized that he had people that loved him and that he could count on even if they weren’t blood. And Seon Ah was so cute when she treated both of her dads equally. They’re both precious to her and she didn’t feel obligated to choose between them and I loved that.

Ajummah: It’s finally over. UGH, there was so much I wanted to happen and it ended...well we’ll get to that. Chi Ang and his father, I’m glad that the writers ended it on a good note. I didn’t see how he was going to end up good because Chairman Wang was evil up until the end, wasn’t he? I was holding my breath when Chi Ang went over the side of the cliff because I honestly DID NOT think his dad would grab him. I saw Shi Woo down at the bottom of the cliff but for a moment I didn’t think he was paying attention to Chi Ang falling so I got a bit nervous. Alls well that ends well.

Yay for Seon Ah for keeping both dads (and yay to the writers for not killing off Dean Hwang). I seriously had tears when she told her dad she never wanted to see him again and that she hated him… Scenes with dads always touch me. Oh and yay for Seon Ah’s real father coming to Dean Hwang’s rescue in that fight. I was ready to jump through the screen to help him too!

Amy: Seon Ah’s biological dad is awesome. I mean, he recovered after he had been in a coma for 18 years and was able to fight all of those guys off. That man has all of my respect. Oh and I loved the smile in Shi Woo’s eyes when he realized that Chi Ang’s dad grabbed for him. Also, I was super proud of Shi Woo and Soon Duk for not giving into Chi Ang when he was trying to get her to go with him and then they even got Chi Ang to turn to the light. I knew Chi Ang wasn’t too far gone.

Logan: Seon Ah and Shi Woo’s dad proved why he was the keeper of the Chintamani. Not only is he a superb fighter, but his character was pretty impressive. He went with his gut and trusted his friend even though he was being told he betrayed him. It’s clear that Shi Woo very much takes after him. I loved the reunion between Shi Woo and his dad. It was the teary hug-filled reunion I’ve been begging for all along. My heartstrings were definitely pulled by that sweet scene.

Ajummah: I’m glad they got rid of the key to the Chintamani. That was some crazy mess. What did the Chintamani do? Provide all the riches to mankind? It just looked like a large diamond. Or rock. Or something that didn’t seem worth all that drama.

Speaking of drama, Yeop Jung. What happened to his drama? He just sort of faded into the background. They kept showing flashes of him like he was going to say something important and then nothing! I guess they cut down whatever they were going to have them say but goodness. I was frustrated.

Amy: The Chintamani was all about the power within yourself. Do you remember in Kung Fu Panda how much everyone wanted the dragon scroll and then when they opened it, it was basically just a mirror? Same concept. That is why Shi Woo and Chi Ang were laughing so much when they finally saw it and realized what it was. I guess Yeop Jung didn’t have his turning moment just because they didn’t have time. I’m okay with that, though, because we got a lot of cute moments between Shi Woo and Soon Duk and Seon Ah and Chi Ang. I mean, come on. The scene with Shi Woo and Soon Duk in bed? TOO ADORABLES!

Logan: I love that the Chintamani ended up being no big deal. It made the bad guys that much more pathetic. I’m actually pretty happy with how Yeop Jung’s story turned out. It would have been nice if we saw him really repent of his jerk ways, but instead you at least get sense that he must have remained on decent terms with his classmates when Shi Woo had no doubt he’d come to the wedding. Shi Woo and Soon Duk were adorable and I was also so happy that Seon Ah and Chi Ang ended up together. They were just as adorable- all smiles and playfulness. I would have loved to see more of their romance, but I’m satisfied with just the fact that they have one.

Ajummah: Finally Seon Ah and Chi Ang got together. 7 freaking years later. I wish there would have been some interaction between Soon Duk and Chi Ang after everything was said and done but it seemed like she was still upset with him. I’m glad Chi Ang and Shi Woo were still friends though. That made me smile. It was cute how they were trying to one up each other.

Amy: How cute was it that Shi Woo was obsessively emailing Chi Ang and wrote a song about them? I mean, come on. Those two have the cutest little bromance. I’m glad they didn’t follow in their dad’s footsteps and fight each other to the end. Also, it was so nice to see all of the side characters get their own little ending. That made me so happy but I missed seeing Sam.

Logan: Shi Woo is seriously the most devoted and trusting person. He always had faith that everyone would do the right thing in the end and it paid off for him. Seeing the side characters’ futures too was the best part for me. Even though we didn’t see them a ton, I really grew to like them and not only do our main couple get happy endings but every character gets a happy ending - I seriously couldn’t have asked for more. It’d be too greedy!

Ajummah: I’m glad that the writers tried their best to tie up as many loose ends as possible. Overall Moorim School wasn’t horrible.

Amy: I would watch Moorim School again when I want something light, cute, and easy to watch. Yeah I got mad sometimes but who doesn’t when they’re watching something and the characters’ relationships made up for all of the maddening moments. Good job Moorim writers and actors and thank you!

Logan: I actually really liked Moorim School. It was refreshing and different than any drama I’ve seen. The characters were deep and there were some awesome lessons to take away about friendship and having faith in people. I was really moved by the finale and I always looked forward to the next episode. Thanks for taking us on an exciting journey, Moorim School cast and crew! | LivinginLoganLand.tumblr |My Unfortunate Boyfriend |Producer | Cheer Up! |

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