Class is in session! Thanks for joining us again this week at the Moorim School Drama Club. It is a trying week for the students at Moorim, but as it turns out stressful situations are also quite the bonding experience. What was once a fierce rivalry looks like it might develop into an equally fierce friendship. Join Ajummah, Amy, and me as we talk bromance, romance, and magic in Moorim School!

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Logan: This week was a really great week for developing relationships on Moorim School. I, for one, was happy to see that Shi Woo and Chi Ang made the transition from enemies to bffs fairly quickly. Although who knows how long it will last. Still, it’s nice to see them looking out for one another. Anyone else touched by this developing bromance?

Ajummah: I squealed! Shi Woo and Chi Ang being angry with each other was just too much for me. They have so much other stuff going against them that they needed to be friends. I was pleased that they put their differences aside long enough so that they could get to the top of Moorim Mountain.

Amy: YES! I was singing about them being in love the whole time they were out in the forest helping each other get to the peak. It’s a good thing my kids have accepted that I’m crazy or else they would really think I’ve lost it. It’s obvious that Shi Woo and Chi Ang have more in common than they would like to admit so it was nice to see them find those commonalities and build their friendship. The girls were cute too. Ariel saw a fangirl side of Seon Ah that she had never seen before thans to Shi Woo. Ha ha!

Logan: Haha! For real, it almost seemed like Shi Woo and Chi Ang were the writers intended OTP for this drama, all the lingering shots of them giving one another a hand or that fantastic water fight scene. I guess the Dean knew what he was doing when he sent them out there. It was nice to see how worried the rest of the school was about them too. I was so proud of Soon Duk and Seon Ah when they went after the boys. I knew I looked up to these girls for a reason!

Amy: I mean, those girls are just awesome. Like, I want my daughter to see how awesome they are because they make good role models. Dean definitely knew what he was doing. He wanted the two guys to bond and he also wanted the other students to realize that they’re actually part of the school. Of course, Yub Jung is still being stubborn but he says he doesn’t have any friends at Moorim so I’m guessing he isn’t going to warm up any time soon.

Ajummah: Yub Jung showing his true colors very early in the drama. I’m actually not sure if I want him to end up being a good guy or not because I am enjoying him being such a cold mo fo. That scene where he is eating lunch by himself while everyone else is worried about Shi Woo and Chi Ang was priceless! He looked like he had no cares what-so-ever.

I am thoroughly pleased with the women of this drama so far. Soon Duk and Seon Ah have been saving these boys butts since the start and they do it without wanting anything in return… well Seon Ah may want something with Shi Woo, but you know, he’s an idol so it’s expected, lol.

Logan: They are such good role models for kids! In America people are always screaming about “strong female leads” and laud any show that has them. Well, I’m sorry by Kdramas have the strong female lead on lock. I can scarcely think of a drama without a strong female lead. Yeah, Yub Jung is a butt. He completely insulted all the other students and didn’t even care. I hope that Seon Ah puts him in his place.

Amy: Someone needs to put Yub Jung in his place! I’m sure that Dean will have a plan for him. I was surprised nobody told Dean about Shi Woo flat out freezing that wolf for a few seconds. I was pretty sure at least Chi Ang caught that. That is not a commonplace occurrence. Ha ha!

Logan: Seon Ah definitely caught on. There must be a reason she’s not telling yet. I wonder what it is. I think everyone else was too distracted by the fact that he was getting mauled by a wolf to think on it further. I’m loving the fact that he has powers. It just makes you wonder what other kinds of things he might be able to do as the drama continues and if there’s anyone else like him at the school.

Ajummah: What was up with the wolf that was distracted by Shi Woo’s necklace? It wasn’t just an “oh I have sun in my eyes” type of thing. Or am I reading too much into it? Seon Ah seems to be the only one that knows about Shi Woo’s super powers. She noticed during the concert in episode 1 and then again when he was saving Chi Ang from the wolves. Maybe she’s just waiting for the right moment to say something to her dad.

Amy: Yes! I just want the rest of the drama to be finished so that I can satisfy my curiosities. Ha ha! I will do my best to be patient. Shi Woo definitely has a connection to the guy in a coma. Maybe that is his dad? I was really hoping he would wake up during episode 4 because I want to find out who he is already!

Logan: OMG, the guy in the coma!!! I am so ashamed that I didn’t realize who that was at first. It’s Shin Sung Woo or AKA to anyone who’s ever watched Roommate, Mama Shin! I was a huge Roommate addict and didn’t know he was in this so I flipped out when I finally realized it. Okay, fangirl moment over. Haha. Considering that he’s on the main poster for this drama I think he’s going to have a big role to play when he comes out of the coma and I can only hope he’s Shi Woo’s dad. I mean, how magical would that be? No pun intended.

Amy: There is some kind of force in the Moorim world so it would make sense for Shi Woo’s dad to have powers too. There has to be a connection between Shi Woo and Chi Ang too because Chi Ang’s mom is from the country and starts acting all weird when her past is brought up. There is something there. Also, I’m still convinced that there is more to Ariel’s dad than they are letting on.

Logan: And if the guy in the coma IS Shi Woo’s dad, then what about the little girl that coma man and his wife were protecting in the flashback? Does Shi Woo have a sister? I’m also very curious about Soon Duk’s dad. He loves her so much and I was so relieved that something really bad didn’t happen to him when he got abandoned by the Ajummah. Speaking of which, I have a bone to pick with her! What kind of heartless psycho person abandons a blind man in an area in which he’s clearly unfamiliar? I mean he does seem pretty self-sufficient, but look what almost happened!

Amy: I am thinking that Shi Woo’s dad was injured while protecting the little girl and went into that coma. I think that the little girl is Seon Ah who Dean rescued and raised as his own and is Shi Woo’s sister. Ha ha! I know I’m probably completely wrong but that is what I came up with while watching. Ajummah though. Really? I totally get wanting to feel loved and everything but you don’t have to act like a child. It was adorable when Ariel got Ajummah and her dad back together though. I loved their flirting. Hee hee!

Ajummah: As an ajummah myself, I got why the older ajummah was upset. She helps this man all day long and is obviously in love with him but he treats her like crap. Sometimes you need to do something drastic to get the guy to notice you. Also I’m sure that the man could function just fine navigating through the city. There are people who happen to be blind that can get around. I think that whole scene was just kdrama logic.

Logan: That makes sense, Ajummah, but I’m still not happy with our drama’s ajummah. After all, Soon Duk entrusted her to take her dad to the hospital for her and instead she left him. I think you’re onto something, Amy. I mean it would make sense that either Soon Duk or Seon Ah is adopted because that’s how Kdramas always work Lol. Considering the opening scene where the Dean was fleeing with the girl, I think it’s a pretty valid theory that it’s Seon Ah. I was surprised at how Soon Duk didn’t hold it against the Ajummah. I guess she knows that her dad and Ajummah need each other. Their little romance is adorable. Speaking of romance, the romantic tension that’s mounting between Soon Duk and Shi Woo has solidified my OTP. I didn’t want to declare it last week, but I’m totally shipping these two. They seem to have feelings for one another already too!

Amy: I know! Ah! I felt it! Ha ha ha! I mean, Ariel and Chi Ang are adorable but I don’t get the romantic feelings between them like I do with Shi Woo and Soon Duk. That scooter ride was just adorable. Shi Woo is starting to look out for Soon Duk already. It’s just nice to see someone looking out for her. I do not want to watch Chi Ang’s heart being broken though I’m sure Seon Ah will be there for him.

Logan: Chi Ang’s a cutie, but his feelings for Soon Duk are kind of shallow. He just met her and was already planning their lives together. A bit creepy, actually. Lol. When I saw the glimpse of jealousy on Shi Woo’s place when Soon Duk was wrapping Chi Ang’s face, it became clear how tangled this romantic web could get. If Shi Woo and Chi Ang are to remain friends it’s going to be hard for Shi Woo and Soon Duk to pursue a romance and the same goes for Seon Ah and Soon Duk’s friendship. This could ruin both of their friendships, but despite it all I can’t help but root for my OTP.

Ajummah: Now I know each drama has 2nd lead syndrome, but I don’t know who is going to end up as the “2nd lead”. Chi Ang has a thing for Soon Duk but she isn’t interested in him. However she knows that Seon Ah really likes Shi Woo, so I don’t think she would pursue him either. I guess it’s too early for me to tell.

Amy: Same here. I am already sold on my OTP so I won’t be changing my mind. I think that they may have an epic fight over the whole thing but come to an understanding because of it. Also if my theory about Seon Ah and Shi Woo being siblings is correct then Seon Ah will have to get over it won’t she? Ha ha!

Logan: Yeah, finding out you’re related is enough to kill a romance. Lol. I can’t blame everyone for falling for Shi Woo, though. He’s becoming quite valiant and isn’t nearly as hot-headed as he seemed at first. Actually, he was surprisingly understanding when Soon Duk was late and he waited there patiently for her. I think before when he yelled at her he had just caved to the pressures in his life. Now that his true character is being revealed at Moorim, it turns out he’s a pretty great guy. He not only saved Chi Ang’s life, but he wouldn’t abandon him either and I think that was very cool of him.

Amy: I told you guys last week that he isn’t as big of a jerk as he seems! Ha ha! He has good reasons to be leary of other people. The poor guy has been taken advantage of way too much and it doesn’t look like he has ever had a real friend either. Being at Moorim will definitely help him out. He’ll find out what it’s like to have people who truly care about you and what it means to have a friend.

Logan: It’s clear that both Shi Woo and Chi Ang need to be at Moorim and are there for a reason. What they are both lacking, Moorim can provide for them: friendship, trust, and humility to start with. They’ve only been at Moorim for a couple of days and look how much it’s already changed them both.

Ajummah: I hope that the next episodes will show us some more super powers besides Shi Woo’s. I am ready for more action!

What do we have to look forward to at Moorim School? Will the bromance stick? Is there more magic to be had? Will the teenage hormones destroy friendships!?! There's only one way to find out. Keep watching and join us next week for another dose of Moorim School fever!

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