Wow! We have really gotten far in Moorim School! Shi Woo and Soon Duk kissed, Chi Ang is spending more and more time with Seon Ah, Shi Woo and his dad unknowingly had a reunion, and OH THE CLIFFHANGERS! Come discuss all of the happenings with Ajummah, Logan, and Amy!


Moorim School

Starring Lee Hyun Woo and Shin Hyun Joon

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Amy: So much happened in episodes 7 & 8! Should we begin our discussion with the escape at the beginning of episode 7? What did you think about that? It’s about time Jerkface learned his lesson. I hope he starts turning around soon.


Logan: Honestly, I was surprised at how lazy his escape attempt was. I pegged Yeob Jung as someone who’d punch his way out of there before using someone else’s idea. I never liked him, but I was really disappointed in his lack of character. Also, what was up with the arbitrary places? I love Seon Ah, but why did she get to be first just because she decided she wanted to be?

Ajummah: I wanted to see the fight between Professor Daniel and Yeob Jung. I mean I really wanted to see his ass handed to him. His character really is unlikable at this point. We haven’t seen a back story on him so up until this week’s episodes, I was holding onto hope that there was a reason for his terrible-ness. It looks like, though, he’s just a jerk. Which is so disappointing because I really like Xander. Also what is up with him speaking English? No one else is conversing with him in the language. Is he doing it, to show off?

Amy: Right? I was confused by the places too. I thought I had missed something. I guess what Mr. Dean says goes. I started feeling bad for Chi Ang in episode 7 too. Not bad enough to have second lead syndrome and I think he is a little too spoiled but he can be very sweet and he has put up with a lot in his life. A dad who kept him away from his mom and having to put on a front all the time is not a good way for a kid to grow up.

Logan: I feel the worst for Seon Ah, because I’m totally getting the vibe that she’s developed feelings for Chi Ang and she has to sit there and watch him pining for another girl, her best friend no less. I love it when he tells her that she’s pretty and she totally freezes up. It’s adorable. It’s hard to say which couple I love more, them or Shi Woo and Soon Duk.

Amy: Yes. I like them both too. I’m ready to see Shi Woo and Soon Duk spend more time together though. Poor Soon Duk avoided Shi Woo so much because she thought he didn’t actually like her and we missed out on them being cute. Well, kind of. I guess they had cute moments separately. Chi Ang’s injury may throw a wrench in their romance though.


Logan: Shi Woo and Soon Duk’s kiss was Kdrama gold! Did you catch how she kicked her feet in the air? But yet when she pulled away, she looked terrified. Can you blame Shi Woo for saying sorry under those circumstances? I’m glad that it didn’t take long for them to clear things up, though. I’m all for more skinship! I think Kdramas need more skinship in general. Lol.

Ajummah: Skinship, Yes. Breaking up bromance over a girl, NO. I will be honest that I was upset with the kiss scene. Yes it was expected. I still didn’t like it though because I want Shi Woo and Chi Ang to be friends more than Shi Woo and Soon Duk to be together. Did you see how hurt Chi Ang was when he found out that something was going on between the two of them? It’s not Soon Duk’s fault that Shi Woo kissed her but how about she say something like “get your relationship with Chi Ang together first before you come after me.” I was really annoyed with Shi Woo.

Amy: Yeah. I love it when we get a lot skinship in Kdramas but then I get spoiled by it and feel sad when I watch something else. So was I the only one who didn’t make the connection between Seon Ah and Shi Woo’s parents and the Dean until episode 7? I felt like such a dork. Ha ha! Also, I’m kind of getting the feeling that Shi Woo and Chi Ang will be retelling the Dean’s and Seon Ah and Shi Woo’s dad’s story. I really hope Chi Ang doesn’t go all evil though.


Logan: I did catch onto the connection between the Dean and Shi Woo/Seon Ah’s parents, but I didn’t think about how the younger generation is a foil to the older. What a cool parallel! Chi Ang does seem to be getting kind of bitter. I hope Seon Ah intercedes and soften him. Shi Woo on the other hand is becoming more compassionate and I think that trend will only continue. I can’t wait until he finds out the man he met on the street is his father. He is in need of a good father.

Ajummah: I got the connection too but don’t think (I really hope not) they’ll take the same path as their parents. I want Seon Ah and Chi Ang to end up together happily and I want Shi Woo and Soon Duk to end up together. I also wan Shi Woo and Chi Ang to make up so that everyone can end up happy.

Amy: I wanted Shi Woo and his dad to feel an instant connection and be inseparable. Ha ha ha! I can wish right? Everyone is in a big mess right now, though, and the Dean will not be happy. He knew something was up. I think the teachers were realizing something wasn’t quite right too and I was hoping to see them escape but I guess we’ll have to wait. Yay, cliffhangers!

Logan: Seriously, what a cliffhanger to end on in the first place and then they tell us there won’t be a new episode for two weeks. I’m not a much of a whiner, but that’s not fair!!! Lol. The Dean is definitely going to berate himself-he knew something bad was going to happen. I love how Seon Ah knew that her dad had a good reason to ask her not to leave and yet she did anyway. Talk about a wasted moment of wisdom. The professors are an interesting part of this drama. They hardly interact with the students and yet, they’re one of my favorite parts about Moorim School.


Amy: Mine too! I love how the two ex-lovers obviously thrive off of fighting with each other. Sometimes I expect them to start kissing in the middle of one of their fights. Ha ha! Also, I love it when Daniel calls them out on their behavior. He knows that those two still love each other. Sam is cute too. It seems like he is just along for the ride but at the same time he knows what the kids at Moorim really want.

Ajummah: Am I the only one that wants Professor Daniel and the female teacher to couple up? I think they have chemistry.

Logan:Professor Daniel is totally trolling the cooking instructor. Haha. It’s great. His and Sam’s expressions kill me. I wish I had professors like them. One of the best parts of this series so far had got to be when Yeob Jung sabotaged the others only to find the professor waiting for him. And they seemed more than happy to teach him a lesson for abandoning everyone else. The look of Professor Daniel’s face told me he’d been waiting a long time for such a moment.

Amy: Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that! I think that Daniel may be my favorite professor. He’s just awesome. Oh and speaking of awesome, Shi Woo and Seon Ah’s dad recovered really fast from being in a coma! One day he was struggling to walk and then he was up and about. Crazy! I’m anxious for him to remember everything. I just want to know what will happen RIGHT NOW!


Ajummah: I want him to recover too so I can find out where Chi Ang’s father is in all this. I thought, at first, that he was a bad guy but now I am not so sure. He and the Dean were colleagues right? Remember what the dean said to he group of students when they came out pissed at Yeob Jung? Just because he’s not doing the right thing, is he not still your colleague? That made me think that either he or Chi Ang’s dad something that wasn’t cool...but who was it? Ugh.

Logan: What the love of a parent can’t accomplish, right? I want him to remember, too. And I want him to come and find his kids and protect them. I wonder if we’ll see some animosity between him and the Dean. It looks as though they may not have been on friendly terms before the fire. From the hints they were throwing around it almost seems like they both believe the other betrayed them. And maybe one of them did.

Amy: It’s still a mystery what really happened between the adults. I’m anxious to find out but we have to wait an extra long time and I’m kind of nervous because Moorim got cut short. Sigh. Those poor writers and actors.

Logan: Do you think if we wrote to the writers they’d tell us what was going to happen before it was cut? Maybe we could sign a petition. I mean, we don’t even know how it’s going to end yet, but just the fact that there are pieces of the plot to Moorim that I’ll never know makes me really sad.

Ajummah: Maybe they’ll come out with behind the scenes stuff and put it on Youtube. Or do a special and answer all the questions they had to cut out when they shortened the drama.

Amy: Were you wondering why the kidnappers did not notice they had the wrong girl too? I mean, Soon Duk and Seon Ah don’t exactly look alike. They didn’t have a photograph or something? Also, Chi Ang’s dad. Really? You’re just going to get rid of a person who has no idea what is going on or where she is? Chi Ang’s mom needs to find someone better.


Logan: No kidding, they are not very good at their jobs. Haha. But OMG was I on the edge of my seat during that part, hoping that they would get to Soon Duk on time. The poor girl did literally nothing wrong and yet was possibly about to die. How awkward for Chi Ang. He’s going to have a fit when he realizes that his dad is behind all of this. And speaking of Chi Ang- he was really valiant taking on the bad guy alone. So many heroes in this drama!!!

Amy: Yes. Chi Ang and Shi Woo showed what bad asses they are for sure. Chi Ang would have had a good chance with that guy if he hadn’t pulled out a knife. Then you have Shi Woo’s stunt stopping the car with the motorcycle. I mean, come on. Moorim is doing them some good.

Logan: Moorim School is doing me some good too! I’m so excited to see where this drama is going to take us.

Ajummah: I really can’t wait until the next episodes. If Soon Duk tells Chi Ang that he’s being burdensome again, though, I am going to scream!

What do you think drama clubbers? Were you into episodes 7 & 8 of Moorim? What about those cliffhangers? Are you excited for Shi Woo and Soon Duk's relationship? What about Chi Ang and Seon Ah? Are you hoping Shi Woo's dad will recover his memory quickly too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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