Welcome back to the Moorim School Drama Club! I don't know about you, but it was a torturous two weeks for us here waiting to see what the next chapter of this story had in store for us. Well, luckily the wait is over and we have lot to talk about. From the very beginning our cast of characters at Moorim School has been full of secrets. Join Ahjummah, Amy, and me, Logan, as we talk about some of this week's reveals as well as some of the secrets that have remained buried. Will we ever know all of Moorim's secrets? Only time will tell. 


Moorim School

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Amy: I feel soooooo much better now! We finally got some questions answered! I thought that Seon Duk’s dad had some martial arts training, though, but it doesn’t look like it. I guess I’ll just have to be satisfied that we know what happened to Shi Woo and how he and Seon Ah got separated.

Ajummah: Yes but with all the answers come more questions, at least for me. What happened to his eye sight? Why did he give up Shi Woo? Will Shi Woo remember Seon Duk’s father? Why is Shi Woo’s hair black now? These are the questions I need answered.

Logan: I’ve so many questions too! I was glad to see that Soon Ah and Shi Woo weren't separated on purpose. Seeing more about what happened the day of the fire was so intense! Did you see how they straight up wrapped a chain around Seon Ah/Shi Woo’s mom’s neck. It’s a relief that nothing happened to the kids, but so sad to see their mom go out that way. I’m really curious about what they did to Seon Duk’s dad to make him go blind too! Soooo many questions.

Amy: Agreed. I think that it would have made the story interesting if Shi Woo and Seon Duk had grown up together since they’re around the same age. Maybe her dad just didn’t feel like he could raise Seon Duk and Shi Woo since he had just lost his wife. I have a theory about Shi Woo’s hair. I think that it is black now because he is committing himself to Moorim and not going back to being an idol for the time being. I like the black hair but I’m having a hard time getting used to it nonetheless. Chi Ang is kind of disappointing me but not at the same time. I totally get why he wants to get strong and become known at Moorim but at the same time he should know that he is not going to get Seon Duk even if he is number one. I think Chi Ang needs to reflect on what the Dean said about gaining what he wants but losing everything else. That is
definitely something he needs to learn before it is too late.

Logan: You’ve got to love those random mid-drama makeovers that absolutely none of the characters mention. Lol I remember when I first started watching Kdramas I was so confused by why the guy all of a sudden had a fantastic new hairdo and no one said a word. I’ll admit I liked Shi Woo’s old hair better, but I’m loving Chi Ang’s new hairstyle. Chi Ang does seem to be going down a dark path, though, and it’s just going to cause him more pain.

Ajummah: Chi Ang has the eye of the Tiger right now. I think he knows he isn’t getting Seon Duk, even when he wins, which is why he said he was going to stop trying to win her over at the restaurant. Yes he still has feelings for her and ideally he wants to be with her but there are a lot of things on his mind right now. He strongly suspects that his father has something to do with Seon Duk’s kidnapping and he wants to know what is going on with that. His father’s assistant told him to get strong in order to become the successor of the company and he knows that there is something behind that. Plus, he just wants to prove that he is capable of doing something.

I feel so bad for him at this moment.

Amy: I should have worded what I said better. I get his other reasons for wanting to be strong and everything but I know that part of it is to prove something to Seon Duk. I guess I just want him to let go and move on because I like him with Seon Ah too much. You see how selfish I am? Anyway, I wasn’t so sure about the Dean in episodes 7 & 8 but I’m thinking he is okay now. I’m still wondering about meditation professor guy though. I haven’t quite figured out if he is really for the Dean and playing with Chi Ang’s dad or the other way around. I want to know!

Logan: Being strong is one thing, but being completely blinded by ambition is another. Chi Ang should really heed the Dean’s warning-he’s speaking from experience. It’s funny how the approval of a parent, even one as awful as Chi Ang’s dad, can prompt a change in behavior like that. Or maybe Chi Ang does have other intentions for winning. For his sake, I hope so. Even if he doesn’t open his eyes to his own behavior though, I too wish he’d open his eyes to Seon Ah. I hate watching her develop feelings for him while he’s pining after Soon Duk and let’s be honest they’re super cute together! I was worried about the dean too, but I’m glad that he appears to be a good guy. But why hasn’t he fired the meditation professor!?! I mean, you can tell he knows that guy is up to no good. Why would he jeopardize the students further by allowing him to stay?

Ajummah: Agreed. I had some concerns about the Dean but he seems alright now. He’s trying. That seems to be the running theme for this week’s episodes. Everyone is trying. Yub Jung was trying to convince Choi Ho to stay at the school instead of leaving...in his asshole way of course. Shi Woo is trying to be committed to finding the truth of his past. The teachers are trying to help the students...you get the idea.

What was up with Choi Ho? Did he really do all that just to because he was mad at not being at the top of his class? I feel like there was more there but because the writers/producers had to shorten the show, we’ll never know.

Amy: I’m not so sure about Choi Ho. I think there was something else going on besides him being mad about his ranking. Maybe he is a spy or something. Ooooh. What if he comes back for the competition? That probably isn’t possible for an expelled student. Anyway, I’m looking forward to that competition. I’m also excited to get to know the new teacher that they introduced! He has a cute smile. Just sayin.

Logan: I felt a lot of sympathy for Choi Ho. He misunderstood that everyone there thought he was worthless,but in reality when it came down to it everyone was interceding on his behalf with the dean. He took the plunge from fun-loving goofball to rogue troublemaker pretty fast. It was a tragic end for his character, maybe he’ll comes back for a redemption but doubtful with the cut. The competition should be excited to watch. I don’t doubt that we’re going to see a match between Seon Ah/Shi Woo’s father and the Dean at some point. I mean it’s just inevitable and I’ve found that I’m really looking forward to it. The new teacher is pretty cute! I’m hoping he bring a new, fresh perspective to Moorim.

Ajummah: LOL! If he comes back, I hope he beats the crap out of….well. You get where I’m going with this. It seems weird to introduce a new character so late in the series. I hope they can end the show without a lot of holes. I guess time will tell.

Hopefully this competition will give us a chance to see more of the teachers in action. I really enjoy their characters. I know I probably said that last week, but darn it, it’s still true! Except for the older teacher, Bubgong. What is his deal? Is he on the Dean’s side or Chairman Wang? I can’t figure him out yet but he makes me uneasy.

AND speaking of Chairman Wang, that was his secretary that took out the guy Shi Woo’s father was going to see right? So what is really going on there? I thought she was helping him.

Amy: I really want to see Sam’s skills. He works security so he has to be good!

I think that Chairman Wang is trying to get Shi Woo’s dad on his side so that he suspects the Dean. Chairman Wang doesn’t want to lose Moorim and he knows that Shi Woo’s dad was supposed to lead Moorim so he doesn’t want to lose Shi Woo’s father. I think that Shi Woo’s dad is smarter than that though. I think he is already aware that something is up with Chairman Wang. Okay, maybe I just want him to be aware but, anyway, if he isn’t I think he’ll figure it out soon.

Logan: Chairman Wang has been orchestrating this whole thing all along. He wants Shin Woo’s dad to think that he’s on his side, but really he’s just using him to find the Chintamani. By the way I had no idea what a Chintamani was, but noticed the Korean word was different so I realized it was a real thing and I looked it up. Apparently it’s a wish-granting gem in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions and is like the eastern equivalent of the philosopher’s stone. Pretty cool, huh? I guess this story is even more like Harry Potter than I first thought. I really hoped Shi Woo’s dad would realize right away not to trust the Chairman, but hopefully it doesn’t take him too much longer. I need him to reconnect with his children so they can form the most awesome martial arts trio this planet has ever seen.

Ajummah: I guess we’ll just have to see next week. I’m excited because this competition is bringing in new people and I want to see everyone’s skills. Also I hope that Seon Duk will be allowed to come back to the school. I felt really bad when her father told her not only could she NOT return, they were going to move far away. What is he really afraid of?

Amy: I don’t blame Seon Duk’s dad for being afraid. From what he witnessed the Moorim people are a violent bunch who not only killed people but also put kids’ lives in danger. He obviously doesn’t understand what goes on at Moorim. I really hope he gives the Dean a chance to ease his worries. Seon Duk needs to go back!

Logan:When Seon Duk made her plea to her dad to stay I simultaneously felt bad for her and for him. She’s been suffering this whole time without a lot of support and he didn’t realize how much she was suffering. School is her one thing, the one thing she loves! I get that her dad thinks it’s dangerous, but what good is living a safe life if you’re miserable? That’s my opinion anyway. Moorim is definitely keeping us on our toes, though and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

Thanks again for joining the conversation here at the Moorim School drama club. It's safe to say we still have several secrets left to discover and we hope you'll come back and join us here next week as we continue to discover those secrets together.

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