Welcome back to school Moorimers! Has everyone recovered from the intense competition during this week’s Moorim School? Why are the writers introducing new people this week when the series was cut short? Why is Chi Ang’s father starting drama? Read on as Logan, Amy, and Ajummah discuss that and more!


Moorim School

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Ajummah: O.M.G. What an intense week of episodes!!! The competition was CRAZY. Tae Ho’s brief appearance was hot as all get out (but why did he show up so late in the series). The return of Choi Ho and Yeob Jung’s brother….there was so much packed into these episodes. Is this how it’s going to be for the final four episodes? Because I needed to take notes to keep all the storylines straight!

Logan: I for one was on the edge of my seat during the competition. I think this was the most exciting episode so far. I think that this action-packed episode will please all of those who were complaining about the drama’s pace. The new characters are a bit overwhelming to keep up with, though. As soon as I saw Yeob Jung’s brother, I finally understood why Yeob Jung is such a jerk. And I actually found myself rooting for Yeob Jung, something I never imagined I’d do.


Amy: I loved Tae Ho! I wish he could have stayed longer but I totally get having to go back to his family. I also get why Seon Duk told him she would marry him. Hee hee! Shi Woo’s jealousy was adorable too. Why did this have to get cut short? I feel like we are going to have so much packed into four episodes and I won’t be able to keep up! Yeob Jung was way intense during his fights and I was kind of rooting for him too but he did take it too far. That family needs to figure out how to control their rage.

Ajummah: I was cursing. CURSING! Yeob Jung was seriously going to kill his brother! What type of childhood do you have to have in order for you to be okay to do that? Not only that but Wang Chi Ang and Choi Ho’s fight was about to get serious too. I really thought Choi Ho was going to continue fighting with the knife and try to take Chi Ang out! I’m glad he thought better of it and dropped out the competition.

Logan: Yeah, it’s clear that Yeob Jung’s family needs a family counseling session at the very least. I was so disappointed in Choi Ho. He seemed like a decent kid before. I’m just glad he realized his mistake before it went too far. And poor Chi Ang seems to have the worst luck with knives. Why is he always the one that gets stabbed. And why did everyone just stand there with their mouths open when Choi Ho brought out the knife? Were they just that shocked? I mean, it was a violation of the rules and it seemed like the judges were just going to let him continue.

2016-02-23 (117).png

Amy: I was surprised they didn’t shout that the fight was over right away. It was odd to me that everyone just stood around too. I had faith that Choi Ho would do the right thing especially after the Dean welcomed him back with ten applications filled out by the other Moorim Students. Speaking of the Dean, was I the only one telling him that it would probably be too late to talk to Seon Ah if he waited until after the competition? No better time than the present, man!

Ajummah: I still want to believe the Dean is a good guy. I feel it in my spirit! Chairman Wang is just starting mess. Plus the girl that’s always hanging with him is the one who killed that guy before Shi Woo’s father was able to talk to him. So that’s a sign right? RIGHT? Seon Ah isn’t going to forgive him for not telling her the truth though. At least not for a LONG time.

2016-02-23 (66).png

Also, the old teacher? He’s a baddie too. He’s in it with Chairman Wang. Telling him all the stuff that’s going on in the school. That’s how they knew where the children were staying during their vacation. That b.s. that Chairman Wang was saying “oh I just wanted to talk to the girl” PUH-LEASE.

2016-02-23 (174).png

Logan: Yeah, I never for one second believed Chairman Wang was anything but evil. Isn’t he the one that told the lady to “get rid” of Soon Duk? The guy’s bad news and the meditation professor is clearly just as bad. Seon Ah is pretty understanding, I hope she forgives the Dean. I truly believe he’s been trying to do the right thing. I’m still anxious for her and Shi Woo’s biological dad to be reunited, though. I’m a sucker for a good reunion. Maybe we’ll get to see that next week finally.

Amy: I think we’ll see their reunion really soon. I’m pretty excited for it too. I think that Seon Ah will be mad for a good while with good reason but will see that her dad was just trying to do what he thinks is best. The Dean thinks that her dad is dead so he was trying to protect her and the school. It’s too bad Chairman Wang has turned Seon Ah and Shi Woo’s dad against the dean though. I’m hoping that doesn’t take long to resolve.

Ajummah: I wonder if Seon Ah has that “Gi Chae Sool” thing that Shi Woo has. Since they’re brother and sister? I’m waiting for her to freeze something like he does. And when will we find out that they’re related? I mean we the viewers know but when will THEY find out. Maybe after the Dean says something about, you know not being her father.

Logan: I kind of regret that we’re this far into the drama and they still don’t know they’re siblings. It limits the time they get to spend together as siblings and I think it will be adorable to see her be a real noona to him. Seon Ah is seriously one of the coolest characters. I was also surprised to see how cool Jenny was this week when she was paired with Shi Woo. Did not see that coming, but she really kicked butt.


Amy: I was surprised to see how all of the girls (besides Seon Duk and Seon Ah) did! I was expecting them to be pretty weak fighters but they impressed me. Nadet was pretty awesome too! I liked how they mentioned that he could have gotten into some elite colleges but chose Moorim because the others would have been boring. He has a point.

I totally forgot to mention how proud I was when Seon Duk’s dad showed up! He is so sweet and I was super proud of him for making an effort despite being so against the school.

Ajummah: I finally FINALLY understand Seon Duk’s father. He wanted the Chintamani to bring back his dead wife, saw what was going on and tried to save Shi Woo. Thought he killed him, left him in the leaves and gets blinded as a result of getting caught by the baddies. I would have been TERRIFIED of everyone that was involved back then.

He probably thought that his daughter was going to get hurt if they found out she was his daughter.

2016-02-22 (50).png

Logan: Oh wow, that makes total sense as to his motivation to find the Chintamani. I didn’t think of that before. And how traumatic trying to rescue the child, but end up thinking you killed it. As far as how he got blinded. I only saw the bad guy slice his one eye. Would that make you go blind in both? Is that possible, medically? I guess I’ll let that one go since I’m not a doctor. Maybe they just didn’t show us the rest. Lol.

Amy: I feel like they’ve already had to cut a lot out because the series got cut down by four episodes. I’m really looking forward to the last four episodes and trying to get myself to accept that not everything will be covered because we don’t have enough time. Guys, how sweet was Shi Woo when he told Seon Duk that he loves her? I was surprised that he said it so early since saying I love you is such a big deal but man. Shi Woo is just the sweetest. Also, super cool. What is not to love?

2016-02-23 (72).png

Logan: I love that he’s not too proud to be sweet with Soon Duk. They’re adorable together plain and simple.And I love it that Tae Ho asked Seon Ah if she liked Chi Ang and she kind of panicked. She needs to hurry and confess to him, as we keep pointing out the end of the drama is nigh and they’re perfect for each other. Anyone else kind of annoyed that Chairman Wang is trying to make the student at Moorim look unclassy when really it’s the people who’ve left the school already that are breaking the rules and bringing in weapons.

Ajummah: I guess I’m still grumpy that Shi Woo made a move on his friend’s girl. He knew Chi Ang LOVED Seon Duk and he went after her. Where’s the bro code? Now the bromance is over and Chi Ang is by himself. Yes, Seon Ah has feelings for him, but he doesn’t know that and I think he’s not ready for that. *sigh* I hate that Shi Woo is super sweet and cares for everyone because it makes me like him when I want to dislike him, lol. We’ll see what happens next week now that Chi Ang is out of the competition.

Logan: I do miss the bromance, but I think Chi Ang was a little too possessive of Soon Deok. She made it clear she didn’t have feelings for him so I think it was fair for Shi Woo to pursue her. But then again, if it was me I would have at least told my friend my intentions first. So I totally see where you’re coming from in being annoyed at Shi Woo. The one last thing I was kind of shocked at during this episode was that there wasn’t a bigger reaction when Shi Woo used the Gi Chae Sool to stop Chi Ang. I know everyone gasped, but I would have been screaming and going wild if I had seen that. Maybe they’re just used to the fact that anything can happen at Moorim. Lol.

So what do you think Moorimers! Are you ready for the final showdown? Will Soon Deok and Shi Woo have a happily ever after? Will the bromance ever return? Will the writers be able to end this series without any loose ends? Find out in next week’s episodes so Moorim School!

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