Hey Moorimers! Amy, Logan, and Ajummah are back to discuss the latest episodes of Moorim School. How did everyone feel about the midterm exam? What is everyone hiding in their past? What in the world was in that champagne? Join the drama club as they talk about all that and more!

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Amy: Before we begin I need to express my disappointment that Moorim has been cut short. I really wish the international audience had more pull because everyone I know loves Moorim. Oh well! At least we get to enjoy it for ten more episodes.


Logan: I’m always so surprised by some of the dramas that get cut. To me Moorim is so different from other Kdramas and I haven’t heard anyone say anything but amazing things about it. I guess people just have different tastes in what they want to see in different parts of the world, but still...I share your disappointment, Amy, and am baffled at this!

Ajummah: I am super sad about the news about the drama being cut short. I know that the drama wasn’t doing well in Korea but darn it, INTERNATIONAL FANS LOVE IT! *sigh* Well, I guess we need to just enjoy what we have left.

Amy: Speaking of love, we’ve got a little love connection already with Shi Woo and Ariel. I don’t think they’re fully aware of their own feelings yet but it is fun to watch them interact for now. Poor Chi Ang though. At least he has Seon Ah to help him through. I think she is beginning to notice him too.

Logan: They may not be fully aware, but I think they definitely realize they have chemistry. The looks exchanged at the “Potluck Party” told such a story without any words. Soon Duk realizing that Shi Woo left the dress and Chi Ang realizing that things are heating up between those two. I was reeling! And I’m loving the growing tension between Seon Ah and Chi Ang. I think they’re a great match.

Ajummah: I wanted to be part of the Potluck Party, lol. While I was watching that drama I was planning what I would bring. Seon Ah and Chi Ang have great chemistry. Which is good since she and Shi Woo are siblings. I think I saw that one coming. I wonder how long it will take for them to figure it out. Who is the dean, really? Why is he pretending to be her father? What does Chi Ang’s father have to do with the school? Why isn’t he allowed on campus? I have so many questions.


Amy: Me too. I seriously wish I could just marathon this one to satisfy my curiosity as quickly as possible. Chi Ang picked up martial arts pretty quickly. I’m wondering what will happen after Shi Woo gets over his trauma. I think it will make him a better fighter. I cracked up when Ariel caught Shi Woo changing and told him he was still too slow. Hee hee!

Logan: Chi Ang and Shi Woo both picked it up pretty quickly. Considering that Shi Woo had no previous martial arts training, he was pretty impressive. To be honest, I’m not normally big on action scenes, but I’m loving them in this drama. Especially when the girls get to fighting. Seon Ah was my absolute hero when she kicked that bully’s butt at hand-to-hand combat.

Ajummah: I LOVED the hand-to-hand scene! I want to go to Moorim School. I can’t be the only one that thinks that right? Ariel is amazing, and I like how she keeps Chi Ang in his place. Her feels for Shi Woo is...understandable. He seems to be there whenever she is in a rough place (like the whole crying over her boss & job situation). I feel a bit bad because Chi Ang is always 2 minutes too late.


Amy: I do feel bad for Chi Ang but I don’t know. I just like Shi Woo better. Ha ha! I think that Chi Ang and Seon Ah would make a cute pair anyway. I think that the bully will start coming around soon. Or not. He could help the bad guys along. I just thought about that. I’m not sure what anyone has planned but I know there are some bad guys who are up to no good.

Logan: I’m definitely trying to figure out how to enroll in Moorim! Don’t get me wrong, I think Chi Ang is adorable, but I also feel like his feelings for Soon Duk are shallow. She and Shi Woo on the other hand have a developing relationship that’s only getting stronger. I’m on edge about the whole bad guy situation because Chi Ang’s dad seems to be in the middle of it. Is it just me or does anyone else get the awful feeling that his dad had something to do with the death of Shi Woo/Seon Ah’s mom?

Ajummah: I do!!! *raises hand* I get a creepy feeling every time he gets on the screen. Why is he so mean to Chi Ang’s mother? His mom loves him so much, cooking all that food for him. LOL and Chi Ang tried to pass it off as his cooking.

As great as Moorim is, I think they will have to move this story along in order to get to the past and why the children were separated, what happened to the father, why the dean was running with a baby in the first part of the episode. Maybe Soon Duk was the baby? Also with the exception of Shi Woo, I haven’t seen any student with powers. Can we see more of that?

Amy: I’m pretty sure Seon Ah was the baby and that is why the dean raised her. I’m wondering how Ariel’s dad is in the mix too because I know he is somewhere in there. He hates the dean and I’m sure he has a good reason for it. Also, he has some skills. He has stopped people more than once without being able to see them.

Logan: I wonder why the dean saved Seon Ah, but not Shi Woo. Did he not have time? Did he not see Shi Woo? Either way, I bet he feels guilty. I’m excited to see Shi Woo and Seon Ah’s dad come back into the picture now that he’s out of a coma. I think he’s going to use every mean available to find his children. Can you imagine that? Waking up after 20 years and having no idea where your children are? He doesn’t seem like someone who will just accept that.

Amy: He definitely isn’t. He’s already fighting it by doing his best to get on his feet and out of that hospital so I think he’ll find his kids soon. Or at least I hope that he will. Who else got way too happy when Shi Woo and Ariel danced at the potluck party? Did we mention that already? I smiled way too big because Ariel is such a bad dancer but she danced anyway even with an idol for a partner.

Logan: Oh, they were freakin’ so cute! Everything about that scene made me smile. Like the fact that they were treating a potluck like some black-tie fancy party. I don’t know about everyone else, but where I’m from potlucks involve armies of crockpots, weird hotdishes, and inevitably 75 types of deserts. I was seriously cackling when Chi Ang acted so sophisticated because he knew what a potluck was.


Ajummah: I thought they all looked great. Except for the kid who wore the white socks. HAHA! That made me laugh big time. The party was nice, the teachers made me laugh with their drinking game. To get a little serious for a moment, I thought it was a bit questionable when they made a joke about Sam turning red when drinking. They know international fans are watching and as a person of color I thought they could do without it. Besides that, I enjoyed these episodes.

Amy: I was questioning that scene myself. Also, are there moose in Ghana?

Ajummah: I am not sure but I don’t think so? I haven’t looked it up and I’m not from Ghana, lol.

Logan: Not according to the world moose population map that I just brought up. Man, watching Kdramas can make you do weird things. Lol. Yeah, that joke was questionable. The drinking game was pretty great, though. Having to have the dean come pick them up as they’re all passed out- what great role models. And the students look phenomenal at the potluck. I wish the potlucks in Minnesota were more like the ones at Moorim School for sure!


Ajummah: Here’s to hoping that next week’s episodes are as great as this week!

That’s it for this week’s Moorim School drama club! Did we discuss everything you thought of or did we leave something out? Let us know in the comment section below and we will see you next week!

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