News anchors on the nightly news in Japan use to report on what seemed like never-ending lines at electronics and game stores immediately following, and even preceding, the release of any Final Fantasy game pretty much every single year when I was a kid. Without a doubt, even today, Final Fantasy is one of the most beloved franchises to ever come out of Japan. As if to prove the effect it still has on fans even almost 20 years after its introduction, a fan video was recently released that incorporated over 200 works from over 100 artists from around the world, and it's got longtime fans excited once again.

Eyes on Final Fantasy, a fan community website for Final Fantasy, is what made this video possible. To celebrate Final Fantasy, the website, and the many artists and fans involved, the owner of Eyes on Final Fantasy created a list of scenes from Final Fantasy VII to recreate, and artists from all over the world responded, wanting to volunteer their time and effort to be a part of this special project. The resulting video, after four months of hard work, is an awesome collaborative video over an hour long. If you're a fan of Final Fantasy, sit back and enjoy. 

If not, it's still cool to look at everybody's art.

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