A morning news anchor in Japan had a major wardrobe malfunction on a live broadcast. How does one keep a straight face after something like this?

Tomoaki Ogura, a popular news anchor/television personality in Japan, had what seemed like the most embarrassing moment of his life on the set of "Tokudane!", a live morning news show. Standing before the cameras, Ogura and his fellow anchors bowed to the national audience at the start of the show, as everybody does. Only problem was Ogura bowed just a little too deep, causing his wig to fall of his head and settle on the floor right in front of him for all to see. To add insult to injury, Ogura had no choice but to stand there and continue his monologue to start the show, all the while keeping a straight face as his wig lay there by his feet. So how did he manage to act like nothing happened?

This footage obviously created a stir, going viral after being seen by millions. Internet users all over Japan shared and discussed their thoughts on Ogura and his wig situation. After much speculation, it was revealed that the video was indeed a fake. Somebody out there with exceptional video altering skills altered the footage and created this wonderful wardrobe malfunction. Despite the video's inauthenticity, however, due to the attention Ogura received, he did eventually come out and admit to wearing a wig.

So in a way, this footage is real in the sense that something like this could happen at any time. If you wear a wig, remember not to bow too deep!