When it comes to expensive, one expensive city comes into our minds : DUBAI , and Dubai is the place where the most expensive dress in the world has been presented to public eyes. Women from all over the world are spending each year impressive amounts of money on dresses they use for special parties, important events, to look good on the street or even when they get married. 

The most expensive dress in the world does not belong to a consecrate luxury designer such as : Armani, Prada or Versace. The luxuriant dress belongs to British designer Debbie Wingham who managed to create the most expensive Abaya dress. Simple and glamorous are two words that describe best the way it looks with two predominant colors : black and red combined with a floral theme. An impressive 2000 diamonds are handcrafted in the most expensive dress in the world, where the piece of resistance is represented by a pink diamond with a value of $6 million. Debbie Wingham has not only created the most expensive dress in the world which is worth $17.7 million, she has also created a new style for luxury dresses.

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