Handsome Chinese leading man, Hu Ge, was recently voted #1 of the most beautiful people in the world by Sohu. He is also reported to be dating a new girlfriend. Who is the non-celebrity beauty that has captured the star of Sound of the Desert and Nirvana in Fire?

Hu Ge is usually linked to the co-stars in his popular dramas. The 33-year-old star of Sound of the Desert has gained even higher popularity due to his role in historical drama Nirvana in Fire in 2015. When news came that he has confirmed his new love, just about all of China erupted in strong curiosity to find out more about his non-celebrity girlfriend.

Her name is Lin Xiao. She is reportedly from a wealthy family and went to the same school as actress Liu Shishi. The tall beauty trained in dancing and has worked as a model. She had wanted to become an actress but gave it up due to her parents' objections.

Hu Ge has posted this message to his Weibo social media account:

"Thanks for everyone's concern. In the future, I hope people will give me some space. Besides being an actor, I would also like to go back to living a simple and normal life."

We would all agree that he deserves his privacy. However, given Hu Ge's top leading-man status, I doubt that fans will lose interest in his love life.

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