Recently, people in Taiwan have been waking up to find their trees destroyed with hacked wounds and chopped limbs. In all, there are over 291 tree victims to date.

One particularly heart-wrenching incident involved a 130-year old Banyan tree, long revered as a heavenly spirit by local residents in Tainan. This tree received 236 wounds from the hacking. In another area, 164 fruit trees were hurt. Experts say some of these tree will not survive the cold weather because the wounds are too deep. One incident involved three trees all over 30 years of age. At first, the school thought it was a prank committed by students. Other incidents were also initially thought to be isolated and unrelated, but they weren't.

The mystery was somewhat solved when, finally, the police checked monitoring cameras and saw one middle-aged man hacking the trees at midnight with an ax. It is still difficult to see how one person could commit such chilling acts and what exactly the motive is.

Needless to say, this man is now a most wanted serial hacker in Taiwan.