A Chinese mother recently gave birth to a second child who will hopefully help save the life of his older sister. The baby boy's name is Bei Bei, and his three-year-old sister, Pan Jing, suffers from leukemia. Both the parents decided to have another baby when they learned that cord blood from childbirth could help treat Pan Jing.

The blood is removed from the umbilical cord because it's believed to contain restorative cells that could help with treating leukemia. Both Pan Jing and her mom, Zhao Linjun, would frequently attend the same hospital while she was pregnant with Bei Bei.

Right now, the baby's parents are desperately searching for the money needed for the procedure, which costs around 500,000 yuan (roughly $80,000 USD). This is not the first time that parents have decided to have another baby in hopes to save a child that they already have, as Cindy and Rob Harris underwent a similar procedure last September to help save their baby, Ryven, from a rare syndrome.

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