Sometimes it can be hard being a kid. But if you have a mom like this, being a kid would be amazing all the time. A Singapore mother named Li Ming, 38, has been making elaborate character-themed packed lunches for her two sons, and the results are absolutely spectacular. 

Her sons are named Lucas (7) and Ivan Tey (10) and have been treated to over 100 different exquisite and artistic packed lunches. Some the characters in the lunches include Super Mario, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, and Spider-Man. 

Li Ming draws inspiration from just about everywhere for her culinary masterpieces, "It can be a character my boys or I like and other times my boys make request to make certain characters," she said. "I also get inspiration from surfing the web and things I see in everyday life such as stickers, displays or event posters."

The talented mother makes around six specialty food designs a week and has plans to release a book about her amazing creations. 

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