Latte Art, Bento Art, Fruit and Vegetable Art, and now Pancake Art. At this rate, everything you eat and drink will be looking like an art piece, which is great, as long it's not expected when you're the one that's cooking!

Presentation has always been a very important part of the food experience, as you know from all of the beautiful ways cuisine is prepared and presented around the world. With young, talented cooks and baristas from all over the world having fun and making their mark, the level of art that's infused into food and drink has reached levels never seen before. So it's no surprise that plain old regular pancakes are have now turned into works of art.

Kids love pancakes, and what better way to put a smile on kids' faces than makings special pancakes for them to eat? Nathan Shields, an illustrator and loving dad, has been creating some pretty cool pancakes for his kid to eat. Besides the customary animal pancakes, he's made him everything from Beatles pancakes to zombies, world monuments, and even favorite anime characters. Nathan actually uses pancakes to educate his child, allowing him to learn about cool creatures and even history as he eats his breakfast. Genius!

If you're a parent, you can easily do this too. Well, not easily, as I'm sure it's a lot harder than it looks. But if you practice, dedicate yourself, and focus, maybe you too will be able to make your kids some Pokemon pancakes, maybe even by the time they graduate college.

Check out, for more of Nathan's pancakes.



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