What would you do if a robot dressed as a samurai came up to you? Would you run away, dance with it, or simply give it your dinner order? In Thailand, where the attentive and fun-loving Samurai robot waiter is a huge hit, this is real possibility.

In the Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand, customers order their dinner choices from a touch-screen display. They can order either the Teppan Yaki Buffet or Shabu Shabu Buffet. Then, the Samurai waiter delivers the stacked trays containing ingredients for the table-top grill specials.

When the Samurai robot is not busy and wants to have some fun, he even dances to Lady Gaga!

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From the back, he looks almost like a human Samurai.

Just in case the robot gets into a bad mood and rises up, there is a protective glass window between the robot and human customers.

I'm ready to visit Thailand and eat all I can!