Robots and hi-tech smartphones are just two of the many things that Japan is known for, so it comes as no surprise that starting next year, Japanese consumers will be able to own a personal tiny robot that talks, sits, walks, dances, AND doubles as a full-on smartphone.

Sharp, one of Japan's largest electronics manufacturers, just recently announced the release of RoBoHoN, a tiny robotic smartphone. A little heavy at 390 grams and almost 8 inches tall, RoBoHon comes equipped with a two-inch 320 x 240 px screen on its back, Wi-Fi and LTE capabilities, camera, and even a projector, along with everything else a conventional smartphone comes has. When you ask RoBoHoN a question, it will answer you just like Siri does, but you'll be getting your response by an actual robot instead of a phone! And because it is a legitimate robot, functions can be controlled by you telling it what to do. And because RoBoHoN's so smart, and because it's meant to be not only your phone but your best friend, it will recognize your voice and face. The only drawback to having a RoBoHoN is the emotional toll it can take on an owner when the phone gets lost.

Prices haven't been announced as of yet, but RoBoHoN will be available in the first half of next year. Stay tuned.


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